Why am I still SMILING (Could not think of 1 subject for this nightmare)

Okay this is the first time I have been on LB in just over a week, as some of you know I passed my bike test on the 13/03/2006 and got my first bike a sexy blue and white Gixxer K4 on the 22/03/2006. (I had wanted this bike for about a year)

Well six days after getting her four black or Somali men with a gun and two black Rambo styled knifes decided they wanted her, we fought I came off real bad with seven knife wounds to the head a stab wound in the leg so big the doctor stuck his finger in it after grabbing the knife to make sure I was not stabbed in the chest etc I cut the tendon and nerves in my right index finger.
So a minute into the fight I grab the knife and start to fight back they all ran off down a dark alley I ran to the BP petrol station on Wembley high street wiped my blood filled eyes clean then thought F%k this and went back for my bike surprised not to find it kicked over I told my younger cousin who was held a knife point through this ordeal to get back on the bike, the cu”ts had stolen my lid so I rode back to my house lidless half way home a Bmw plood cars decides to U-turn just off Wembley high road and head towards me so I give the gixxer a kick up the ass and am home before the plood car gets to complete his U-turn.

Once home I’m meet by my dad who goes straight into MAD SHOCK he rushes me to Central Middlsex Hospital by which time the adrenaline an anger has warn off and is replaced with shock I now find myself unable to walk without my dads help.
Arriving at CMH A&E we are told we have to fill out the needed paper work and wait in line, that response send my old man mad again so with the nurse threatening of calling the police I get him to drive me to Hammersmith Hospital, by then my blood pressure was through the floor I had lost tonnes of blood and could know longer focus.

All in all I visited four hospitals have been drugged up to my eyeballs and am still on pills till tomorrow. I now only have the use of my left hand (I’m right handed) for at least the next 8 weeks so I can’t work in either of my jobs, go to the gym or RIDE MY BIKE, ill also miss most of summer.
It took me 3 hours to clean the dirt and blood off my bike with one hand, the wrong hand.
I LOVE MUC OFF, I the asked a friend to get the bike in to my bedroom which took a lot of nudging and lifting, Its been in my room 3 days and the old man still has no clue

SO WHY AM I STILL SMILING… I have no idea but its better than crying I still have my bike and I am alive

…Thank you to Lisa she was a great nurse the other 15 or so were miserable old farts
…Thanks to my family and friends, I’ve got love for ya
…Thank you Mr Suzuki your all that’s keeping me sane
…There will be a tracker put on my bike so next time they can have the bike, with less of a fight, but still a fight (lets hope it never happens again).
…Thanks to the guys down the ACE that listened to me moan and feed me with support
…Oh I am 24 it happened around midnight on Tuesday
…After making a lot of phone calls I found out the attack could have been a result of an earlier incident/beef which I had nothing to do with (wrong place wrong time, mistake identity)

And to the 4 guys that did this I hope you, and your loved ones burn in hell

P.S typing this with one hand the wrong hand took forever.

Yikes! I almost passed out just reading that! I’m soooo glad you’re OK, though, apart from having half a dozen holes in you!

Where are you based? Hopefully quite close to me, so if you need, I can give you the occasional lift to the Ace and back!

Take care now! No doing silly manly stunts, like vacuuming now!

Serious? Jesus - what’s the world coming to. Well glad to hear your still around to smile anyway - get well soon fella!

Hey Paivi, i’m about 15 walking minutes form the Ace or 2 R1 minutes (Neasden), you may have seen or will see me riding one handed pillion on the back of the R1 with Yoshi pipes and chinesse writing Jay took some picx of it a week ago.

A right hand so I can ride this summer please Weaver, its my first biking summer.

Well, the offer is there… Sorry can’t give you my right hand, but you see, I’m very attached to it!

Hope you’ll get your mobility back soon so you can enjoy your new bike.

Jeez, sorry to hear about your ordeal. I hope the police catch the scum that did this to you.


Mate they had a gun…f*ck the bike…glad ure ok but ppl like that will kill u n prob get away with it…

Stay safe…

God! I’m really glad you are ok man! You were lucky in some ways, it could be worse. It was good that they didn’t get your bike but even better that they didn’t have your life. All the best

never mind, as long as your ok. Good job for standing up for your self althou you risked your life but rather die once like a man than a thousend times like a coward.

Which area was this in?


It was Wembley, standing up to a gun was a little silly, but I worked two jobs and wanted it for 14months NO F-IN WAY was I giving her up in under a week HELL NO!

He said " give me the keys to your bike" I said “NO”

I’m glad your in one peice mate, I hope you recover quickly and yes they should burn in hell!

Bloody hell!!! Can’t believe what i have just read, Glad you are ok, What the hell is happening in the world!!! Good on ya for being so strong, but it must have been terrible when the shock kicked in!

I hope the Bastards rot in hell or suffer an horific painfull filthy death, scum of the earth!!!

what the frig is the world coming to? glad to hear your okay. Could you give some info into what happened such as how you were approached/stopped/location etc for a heads up for the members in the same area. Might have to think about buying an ak-47 to keep strapped on my back!

Sorry to hear this Mate hope you get better soon and back on your own bike soon take care and see you around Mate

Glad you’re here to tell the tell DA. Thats totally shocking! Could have been alot worse.

I wish u a speedy recovery mate.

Thats handy living down the road from the Ace though, innit?

Yeah having the Ace so close is kool and to think I hated bikes and the noise you all made riding so close to my house 2yrs ago

er bike always looked cool though

spearsyuk ill answer your question after a lay down, dinner and a film, you guys reply much faster than I can now type.

But before I go… the picx taken by me were done with one hand so sorry for the bad shots


Holy Shiit, Da Artist!!! I thought this was a wind-up when I first read it, you’ve got to be kidding me!? So glad you’re not worse off. Damaging your tendons is a bummer, hope they heal quick. I hope there’s no risk of retaliation from them, or do they know it was mistaken identity now?

Really glad they didn’t take your bike as well, though would have been so crap after all the hard work you put in to get it. How is the bike after being kicked over? Maybe we can help.

I still can’t believe this, I’m lost for words. All the best healing, hope the guys get what’s coming to them. Madness. Kudos for putting the bike in your room though, man, if I could do that, I would, lol, but the stairs might be a bit much to get it up.

Thanks Jay, It was NOT kicked over