Who's Up For BM To Night

See you all about 7ish

Oakdean cafe bike meet for me tonight…have fun mate.


Will be there :slight_smile:

Think I’ll be able to make a rare appearance this evening.

i want to go tonight, :cool:

im a social retard so say hi! :smiley:

He is y’know :slight_smile:

Im bringing with me… c…c…c

I’ll be there :slight_smile:


Cocker spaniel?


Clive Owen?

Castrol GTX?


crappy BMW :slight_smile:

copious amounts of cock cakes…

See you old ones there but no bike

nope and nope but madog u are begging for a slap! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a-coming probably around 6 ish :cool:

I’ll be over around 7ish depending on work

yeah and your not? :doze:

you’ll **hear ** me coming (or leaving depending what time you arrive) :cool:

Will be there on the DRZ.

…not over the sound of my Ducati you won’t :slight_smile:

whAT?? :stuck_out_tongue: