Who's the photographer in the World Superbikes pics in Galleries?

Who’s the photographer in the World Superbikes pics in Galleries? I trust he/she is off here?

Was just looking through the galleries and was really impressed!!!

If your reading this, what equipment do you use and how the hell do you get so close to the action (must have a press pass) ?



We’re acredited press for these events so get track-side access, yes. The photographers this time were Andrew and a guest photographer called Michaela Ohnheiserova. Andrew uses pro Canon gear, I don’t know what Michaela uses.

Fantastic work, isn’t it?

mate…this is award winning stuff!!!

I am interested in knowing specifically what Canon gear he uses and does he have a website?


Cheers Sunny.

Michaela uses a Nikon D70s and a 75-300mm Nikkor lens. I’ve a Canon 10D of some vintage and use primarily a Sigma 300 f2.8 EX lens for the action stuff.

The scary close up of a snapper is Silver who covers the BSB with me.

I’ll make sure to pass your comments on to M, she was a little unsure of her shots but I think they are great esp for a first timer in those grotty conditions.

Andrew - you and Michaela definately have my full respect mate. TOP images!!!

What shutter speed do you shoot at most of the time when taking action pictures of the bikes racing? + Do you usually shoot in jpg or raw?

You guys have panning, composition and image quality down to an absolute T!



ps - Sorry for all of the questions!

No probs happy to talk techy for a bit

Shutter speed used depends on the action I’m shooting - namely how fast the bike is going. On a straight where they will be doing over 100mph it’s gotta be up around the 1/1000th of a sec to freeze the bike perfectly esp if they are heading towards you.

Otherwise I try and stay around 1/500th for corners etc but can go down to 1/320th if it’s a hairpin and I’m shooting from the side. Also the lens plays a part because the bigger and heavier 300mm lens needs a higher shutter speed anyway to stop the movement from my skinny arm shaking, but the 70-200mm I might use if close to the action I can hand hold at 1/125th if I’m careful.

Using a high shutter speed has two problems though:

  1. Freezing the bike may not portray the movement at all - the bike will look like it’s standing upright while stationery. 1/1000th + sec will likely freeze the spokes even at high speeds.

  2. A high shutter speed means there must be a lot of light or the aperture (controlling how much of the image is in focus) will become critical, perhaps even requiring an increase in ‘film’ speed (ISO setting) which makes the camera more sensitive to light with the drawback of decreasing quality. That is a major drawback and a lot of the images from Silverstone suffer from that issue. It’s as well focused as possible but the higher ISO speed simply introduces too much grain and noise into the image for it to be crisp. My lenses are quite expensive ones but that’s because they have a wide aperture setting of f2.8 whereas Michelle’s lens stops two clicks before that. So I can shoot at 1/500th at f2.8 but she has to shoot at 1/125th at f5.6 unless she increases the ISO rating from 100 to 400ASA allowing her to use my shutter speed.

Wish you’d never asked? LoL

The big lenses you see pro-sports snappers using are many thousands of pounds because they are designed to shoot at wide apertures F2.8 and f4 using long focal lengths 300, 400 and 500mm respectively without having to sacrifice the ISO rating and therefore quality. These days we don’t have the time to fiddle with photoshop to try and regain some of that quality so the better the image is straight from the camera, the faster it can be online earning money (in theory). So you may buy a 75-300mm lens like Michelle’s for £150-£200 and get a good lens that takes great shots of normal stuff, but my 300mm lens (not a zoom) costs £1600 because of the aperture difference. It’s the same magnification and if we shot a building the two shots would be nigh on identical (mine’s slightly better quality glass too). But with a building that’s not moving shutter speed is not vital so if she has to shoot at a slower speed, tripod permitting, the restricted aperture doesn’t matter.

Hope that answers that, and if you’ve not lost the will to live ask me another

All makes perfect sense…nice one.

I am sure you’ll agree that having the right equipment set at the right settings is only half of the picture, capturing the moment is the other half and my friend it seems that you have got that sorted to an absolute art!



and thats his camera…

dont get him started on his bluddy bike!!!

hahaha…crackin shots andrew…lololol

action shot smiled.


cheers S !

So do you prefer to shoot in Tv (shutter priority) mode or full manual?

I am on the look for a good price on a 70-200 IS f2.8 if you know anyone selling one let us know mate.



Gotta say great pics of mine and my pals bikes at the BM meet last week.

Looks like you had a spot of rain there Andrew?

Like to add my voice to the chorus of approval… some truly superb pictures…

Would you object if I printed a couple off for my young nephews bedroom wall?

Of course not R6scally! Make sure you print the ‘hi-def’ version out to get the best quality.

Lovely, thanks… Will use the high def ones.

Congrats, on possibly the worst picture of me I have ever seen. And you then published it.

Oh yes, you will pay…