Who's the phase one racing team dude?

That I met at the ace on Sunday?

He was with a pretty, pettite lady?

Anyway, didn’t ask his name or introduce myself, nice meeting ya fella!

Hello hello! The guy you’re talking about is Roy, he’s not a member of this website…yet! I guess I’m the little lady he was with! He’s my uncle and will hopefully be coming out to play with us lot again soon!

Phase one racing I remember from a few years ago. Racing kawasakis in world endurance rounds. Did pretty well.

Yeah that was in 1993 on the 750 Kwaker. They’ve since gone on to win two more world endurance championships on Gixxers, one in 2000 and the last in 2003. Watch this space for next year…on the new R1’s. Zoom zoom!

Nice to meet ya again laura.

Phase one = proper BO! team.