Who's the furthest out?

Who travels the furthest into London here? 

https://www.freemaptools.com/how-far-is-it-between.htm Using the traditional centre of London, Charing Cross, I’m 31.08miles out but I’m disqualifying myself as I don’t ride in anymore. anyone else further out than that?

I’m 70.4 miles from Charing Cross and my newly moved in neighbour bluelagos beats that  at a smidgen over 75 miles

Yeah, NT has only a short ride:in, unlike us true long distance LBrs.

Geoff must be further now:though?

Plus I rarely ride into London, seeing as how its way quicker on tbe train.

I’m only 11.4 miles as the crow flies but I also don’t ride into London. I commute to West Berkshire

30.6/40.41miles from the country pad to a generic London. Do I commute that? Do I hell - I just have squatters rights at the relatives during the week and my commute comes down to 3.6miles d-2-d. Which is far more civilised :grinning:

5.6miles. Soon to be 15.4. That’s going to take some getting used to!

4 miles :grinning:

It’s about 55 miles for me

6.4 miles for me.

Judging by some of the replies LB stands for Lost Bikers!

6.4 miles for me.

Judging by some of the replies LB stands for Lost Bikers!

Close but no cigar

Jay M Barries Lost Boys (see what I did there)

I commute almost 5 days a week, 28 miles each way from Hertfordshire.

3 miles each way on 1000 cc Italian V twin, getting my kit on takes longer, engine is only just upto temp and I’m there, having filtered all the way…but at least I arrive in style :slight_smile:

I liked the Lost Boys films as a kid.

10.342 miles by land transport, 8 as the crow flies, i do it 5 days a week, BUT I ALSO DO IT ON THE SMALLEST BIKE SO I GET DOUBLE POINTS.

5 miles for me all the way to Oxford St. Just about the right distance to stop my finger tips falling off in the freezing weather but during the summer time I wish I was living much much further away.

11.5 miles to London office, 27 miles to Kingston office. 

Most days 23 miles from Hertfordshire however some days can be as much as 35 or as little as 12

13 Miles, google maps has it more accurate than maptools

20 miles from January