Who's going to the LB Xmas Party?


just bought my ticket, i probably wont dance with Chen though if thats ok? :smiley:

I booked sat night off and they put me on to work… SO i complained to the boss and i wont know for definate till later this week :frowning:

Good on yer girl, it’ll great to see you both.:smiley:

Me and doug have tickets :smiley:

Can’t make it.

If he is in dance mode you may not get a choice:w00t:

I know that for a fact :crazy:

But boy can he groove


No chance of me getting off work for this ! :crying:

It’ll be a great night I bet and I’ll just have to try and ignore the thread about how much of a good time everyone had !!

None of us will make it this year, :crying: still out of work, so can’t do anything fun until I find a new job! :hehe:

fraid i cant make it, i fly to sweden this sat to spend xmas with a blond swedish girl :smiley:

Of course I’ll be there. I can’t wait :slight_smile:

Five years we’ve been doing this… it doesn’t seem like it…

I and a mate of mine will be there. First LB Xmas party ever!! Last year I could not go as I was elsewhere, so this year am looking forward to it :smiley:

Will we have nametags, LOL… I wont know who anyone is :D:D

LOL i wont be hard to recognise :stuck_out_tongue: the blonde nutty one with a pretty brunette at her side :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I managed to give him the slip last year, so heres hoping! :smiley:

And then there was me :cool:

I won’t be hard to recognise either, as I said in some other thread somewhere, I’ll be wearing full leathers with my HA Chapter Logo, all over body tattoos, dark glasses, scars, gold teeth and carrying a Magnum and a can of Special Brew… oh and with my vinal collection of Death Metal for the DJ

Here ya go, for all those that don’t know Hels, she looks like this.:smiley:



That’s me down to a tea!! Although I look a bit tougher now than that (taken in the days before I started wheelying with no hands as well). Well, if you need a bouncer, I’ll do it for the night for a one off negotiable fee and a crate of Diamond White.