Who's going to the LB Xmas Party?

Just wondering who’d going?, and deciding whether or not to go, need to get babysitter sorted first.:smiley:

Not me this year :crying:
Cannot afford it…the kids pressies come first:D

Me and Curtis shall be attending :slight_smile:

Me! Looking forward to having a good night and trying to figure out the nightbus home!

I think at last count we were close to 50 people coming so you won’t be on your own Mel.

Wasp it won’t be the same without you there hun, are you sure you can’t get along?

I’ll be going, but won’t be drinking, will have some pills instead. :w00t:

Me, I’m going, I’ll be driving so no drinking for me either

I will try my best, and be bringing doug too… give us all another opportunity to get him into biking, lol:D

Me and the mistress.:smiley:

Ha,now that’s put you all off!:stuck_out_tongue:

Would love to but I’m at a friend’s wedding bash. Have fun!

We’re going, booking a taxi home, so will be drinking;):w00t:

Me + 2:D

can’t make it unfortunately, it’s my brother’s house warming on the same night

would have loved to go but for second year running its the same night as our christmas party

i cant make it got a family xmas party in some cold hall in nw london yawn

Not me this year, have my sis in laws birthday party to go to. :frowning:

Mark and I :slight_smile:

But the real question is… is Mr Chenster The Dancer coming? :smiley: :smiley:


Thanks for the Email Jay, I don’t get on here much these days. I’ll be coming.

Ok me and Steve are coming:D:D:D:D:D
Roll on Saturday night:P