who's going on this demo today?

i am…:D.


Trying to re-arange a meeting but I should be there.

im prob be there! :smiley:

as long as I can get out of work early enough then I will be there

Even if you can’t make it on time, you can still join later on. It’s going to be a picnic / barbecue outside Westminster City Hall on Victoria Street, with lots of music! Something unique not to be missed.

See you guys tomorrow!

I’m going to try and make it :slight_smile:

I`m going to try but it depends on work and if richm reminds me.

given that it’s practically next to my work, it would be kinda rude not to!

Makes me wonder how you got to a 11,000 post count :smiley:

which demo? :unsure:

This one http://www.notobikeparkingfees.com/events/

What time will it go on until? I can’t see me getting out of work before 7.30pm :frowning:

I’ll come along it’s only round the corner, but will be on foot rather than wheels.

I’ll be in the Park Lane carpark :smiley:

i hope there is adequate parking, wouldn’t want to get a ticket you know:D

I’ll try to get out of work early enough.

You will be able to park anywhere you like, in the middle of the road if you want. Victoria Street will be brought to a complete standstill (the organisers have said that they have received approval from the police).

Hi Guys, I will of course be there.

The Police have approved the demo as they have all our past demonstrations. The BMF and MAG will be present there and the demonstration has their full support, the BBC and ITV press are on the case too.

Hope to see you there, is should be a good one, if you cannot make it out of work do still come along once you do, because we will be hanging around.

As for parking there will be plenty, how about the pavement outside City Hall!!! And let us not forget Victoria St!

well it seems I’ll meet you there - have to pick up the missus first! :cool:

I’m going to this one.

Will do a burnout outside my old TfL offices :laugh:

(only joking :wink: )