Who's following 'Lost' at channel 4?

I just love that series! It’s just starting right now and I have one eye at LB forums and other at the telly! Can’t wait to see what the hell was that huge monster??? By the way, where do they do to toilet? how do they shave?

LOL… we really got into this and ended up watching all the episodes over a weekend.

It just gets better ! Season two gets off to a slow start then really gets going

You don’t see what it is today, but you do see a really crap looking pollo bear

That’s what I don’t get! What a polo bear is doing on a tropical island??? If you have seen it don’t tell me! Well just give me some tips… lol

I watch it too mate, can’t get enough! That and Spooks. Missed it last week, bah. So what’s with the bloody Polar Bears on a tropical island, don’t they get hot!!!

Yeah I have been watching it too. Am enjoying it too, I know what you mean about shaving and toiletries.

I would have thought you may have seen some ladies with German woman athlete looknig under arms LOL.

D’oh…Have you never heard of ‘summer holidays’, Jay? Coming from a cold climate myself, I can fully understand the Polar Bear. Can’t be much fun living in the Arctic in February, in minus 35, with nothing but bloody snow and ice (and no Martini to put it in), and a few seals for company.

Does anyone know why the top of the trees are rusling and then it ends!!!

Was is it ? killer Giraffes ???

Its well annoying !

hahaha! Paivi you are funny, When I see post from you, I’m sure that I’m going to laugh! lol

Tony you may have to lend it to me mate! lol

I have to say that they are doing a good job on keeping me curious!

Yeah cracking program, we catch it on e4 week in advance.

My thoughts are it 1 big experiment, old tribe and then introduce new tribe, etc.

me and my housemates came to the conclusion last nite that its to do with the little boy and the strength of his imagination… remember the comic book he was reading that his dad threw in the fire… it centered around a polar bear… well, thats our theory anyway

but to be honest, as good as it is, sod the storyline, just get the doctor on screen for the whole hour… yummy scrummy i’d be his nurse

i beleive it has something to do with the bermuda traiangle? Probally get told now that where the route the plane was tralleving was no where that area!

With you as well Jay with Spooks. Brilliant programme. And its on tonight… result!

I could tell a secret that will give the whole plot away…

But I wont!!!

Season 2 hasnt finished filiming yet, so how they’ve got it I dont know. I’ve got the first 5 episodes, episode 6 is due out in a few weeks.

I loved Season 1, ended up watching the entire series over 3 nights. Anyone want to know the ending??

I think it has everything to do with this

Yes! Pixie mate, you did make sense on that one! he burned the polo bear and before when he was reading in spanish , I do speak spanish, he was saying something about a polo bear story, I didn’t pay much attention becouse I thought wasn’t important??? and his accent was really strong! Good point! Keep one eye on that boy!

Remember that he was reading a bird book and then the same bird from the book hit the window and died? The guy gave him back to his father and said that ‘he’s different, things happening around him’ … hummmm

I’m with Mini Mo !!!

Secret? Kenny! You shouldn’t say the magic word mate! Hope the girls here didn’t hear you!!!

Now, tell me just a bit but not it all…

Believe me it’s not as random as it appears…

without giving anything away as it was either one of those “you either noticed it or you didn’t” , but did you notice the story in the comic book that Walt was reading in that episode ?