who's finished!!

yes thats right! i finish at 1 o’clock!

weather is HOT… damn HOT… real HOT i’ll ride home… clean the bike and see you lot at cubana’s!!

what a day ive had! turned up for work!! nothin to do for the day! pop back in at one! no probs…popped to the gym, came back to work to check on the computer! still fuck all to do so finishing at 1!

dont mean to rub it in!! but have you seen the weather! haha

Bah!!! Not fair

Get out there and enjoy it for us poor sods still stuck indoors!!!

I’m finishing at 3.30pm as I was in at 7.30am for a seminar.

its so… absolutely lovely!..im about to orgasm.

Lucky sod Adam, see ya later

you just cant seem to keep them trousers on oodie!!!


Finished at 12noon…

Lovely Blast back…been to see a man about a dog and now jet wash the bike and thats me done for Cubana later…

Happy Dayz !!!

I am thinking of posting on another forum you lot are far to spawny. Its not fair. I wanna go home, finish the work on the bike and go for a play, but I can’t I made a promise to help out with an am dram production so I am lumbered until next week.

Went into work at 9.00am finished by 9.30am stayed there until 1.00pm and spent my time on msn and spamming…

Its a hard life, now going to was the pink princess ready for tonights run to Waterloo…

I finish at 7 tonight… Not fair as my normal time is 4:30…

You lucky sod! Here till 4pm. Was in at 8am not fair being stuck in here all day just not on at all!

Thats the stuff done in the car I needed to do (yes I broke my new golf lastnight )

Sorry folks but sod cleaning the bike, I’d rather be riding it!!! getting nails done at 1630 (got to keep something femanine about myself, I get told off for talking about bikes all the time ) I’ll be sat in a beauty parlor in my leathers but who cares, need to take the bike NOW!!!

See you all at Cubana laters xxx

Pah !!! just got out of bed, gotta go work in a coupla hrs.