who's fault

accident while being pulled over.
who’s fault?.



I do the quizzes:P:D

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Seriously, I can’t see what grounds the cops had for stopping them. They all seemed to be riding rather sensibly:cool:

routine traffic stop it seems, but then again we’re only looking at what we can see on film being recorded from the rear.
…riding sensibly until…forward planning by one of the rider’s went all wrong…:Whistling:

why did thay not pull them over from the lead rider .would have been safer…:slight_smile:

Interesting video! Initially I thought the police car had hit the biker from behind, but then I saw that it was a bike a few bikes ahead that was looking behind too much and then hit the guy in front…

But I do think the police car was overzealous…they were riding fairly normally…

Shouldnt really say that but can’t see police fault :slight_smile: Regular pull over which happens to all of us (or mostly to me) The guy in front made some mistake, didn’t look in front ? Maybe was looking in the mirrors when heard sirens ? Advantages of group riding, you have to be alway awere what’s going on round you.

bikers fault. obviously the bloke in front hit brakes bit too hard for his m8 to react behing him.

although if the bike taking footage crashed i would have been a bit pissed at the copper cutting in like that.

Heartening to see the driver immediately jumped out of his car and rushed up to the bikers to make sure everyone was okay?:wink:

The driver probably realised he might get in trouble for barging in the middle of them instead of going to the front… plus 5+ fairly annoyed bikers in the mix… maybe the driver was waiting for them to cool down a bit :slight_smile:

surprised they were not all tazered or even shot dead too:crazy:!.

surprised they were not all tazered or even shot dead too :crazy: !.

guys…i think it was my fault…i shouted…’‘DON’T LOOK BEHIND YOU!!’’ when the police car swept behind them causing the crash…:frowning:

sorry…my bad…



Riders fault, clearly. You should only be as close to the person in front as you have room to stop for the speed/conditions.

Unfortunate though. Adds insult to injury if they are about to be given tickets, doh!

I agree with Jay, although I can’t help thinking that the copper could have done a better job of pulling them over, why didn’t he just overtake all of them before pulling them, he had his lights going after all, and why did he feel the need to cut in front of one guy at the back, surely he could have pulled them from behind if that was the case!?

What’s the chances of his mates using the video evidence in their insurance claim against him?!? :smiley:

I thought this too, but the driver probably did get out of his car- it’s LH drive remember so he’s out of shot all the way through, before the filming biker runs into the shot it looks like one of the ones that crashed is talking to/ shouting at someone off camera to the left.Still probably the bikers fault

Nice roads though eh!

The tail-gunner was iffy though, wrong lines all over the shop.

Well, it’s America so what would you expect…driving on that side of the road’s just plain silly, accident waiting to happen!

Oh what’s that behind me? Oh, dink, what’s that I’m now crashing into after checking my mirrors?

Biker fault, but then again, wouldn’t have happened if the highway patrol man hadn’t been there?