Who's commute goes through A2 New Cross, then Old Kent Rd

It seems like quite a few of us commute on the A2 through New Cross, then Old Kent Rd, but I never recognise any other LBers.

So … who are you?

I ride a blue Yamaha XT660X from Lewisham to the City. Usually between 8 and 8:30, usually doing the reverse anytime between 5-6.30.
Red helmet with small LB sticker in the back.

I do, leave home in Hither Green about 0600. I’m on a blue Firestorm. I go through the Blackwall Tunnel on the return journey. It’s longer but a more enjoyable ride home.

I usually do as well but you 2 will never see me as I’m leaving at 8:30-9…

altough in an effort to start getting back in shape, I will be swapping 2 wheels for 2 wheels! ok one has an engine and one has a fat unfit out of shape person powering it.

so if you see a bloke about 28 looking like he is about to have an heart attack on a push bike wave at me!

Yellow Sprint RS (yes, the slow one), white Nolan lid with “Triumph” sticker on the back - from around 7.30 to 8.15am. Back around 4.30 to 5.30pm. I’m sure I’ve seen you cutting through the traffic on a vendetta to beat the cars…:smiley:

well i live that end so yer me aswell. i will be going thou newcross in a bit on way home from m4 area:D to get back to lee green/lewisham:hehe: i on a black and blue rg180 gamma 2t in full black leathers black lid black visor with a small lb sticker on the front… and usally got a blue tank bag on thats bigger than my tank pmfsl

Off topic, but it might make sense to get a heart rate monitor and not work too hard if you want to be able to keep doing it! Aim your heart rate around 180-age and you should be good to go (and keep going)

Are you the guy with flames coming out of the cans? I know that bike :slight_smile:

Just don’t expect to do it 5 days a week straight off! I cycle 4 days a week, and ride the Bros the other, usually mid-week to break it up.
I commute 9 miles each way, and it’s only 8 mins longer cycling than riding! (and yes, i do obey the lights etc.)

I ride to work from Bexleyheath on route via New Cross and Old Kent Road at very morning hours. :smiley:

I ride to work from Bexleyheath on route via New Cross and Old Kent Road at very morning hours. :smiley:

does it coun if i live en route? or commute in the opposite sirection…in a car?

good luck with the cycling granpa sleeper, but i reckon you should stick to your mobility scooter.:smiley:

you were not complaining when the mobilty bike gave you a lift to the MCN show to look at all the boys!

I also ride down Old Kent Road, coming from Elephant&Castle, either on a black CBF500 or a 600 with topbox,always wearing a hight viz vest, along the A2 to New Cross between 6am and 6.30am which then changes into Lewisham Way A20 all the way to Lee:D, then leaving Lee between 6.45and 7 (A20, A2) back to Battersea:D

makman, I’m sure I’ve seen you. You have an LB sticker on the bike don’t you?

alistair, way too early for me, but I live in Hither Green too. Will keep my eyes (and ears ;)) open for the blue Firestorm

The Sleeper, what bike do you ride? I do occasionally “run a bit late” :cool:

I used to have an LB Sticker, but have had the panels repaired and resprayed, so now just bright yellow and no decals.

Im up and down the A2 everyday between 7.30 & 9ish & back home between 5.30 & 6.30 - I only go to London via new cross when the Blackwall tunnel is shut - went that way this morning though :slight_smile:

I join the A2 at the black prince. K4 Gsxr 600 - Shoei Kagayama lid, I dont hang about :smiley:

old kent road was **** today had 2 do a bit off the old ghost rider riding to get any wear and was only going home 2 lee green how gay… blackheath road works dont help its madness around there!:hehe:

i ride from city to leegreen bout 7 and 8 pm atleast once a week
on my red zzr 250 :slight_smile:
brum brum

you dont say :smiley:

i do say
thats why i said it