Who's coming out for Christmas drinks Tuesday 23rd :-)

Venue: The Porterhouse Covent Garden, 21-22 Maiden Lane, London WC2E 7NA

  1. Aceman - May get there at 6pm, definitely by 7pm.

I’ve got to work from the Office on the 24th now (thought i could work from Home) so i probably won’t be out now. Hope you all have a good night.

  1. Aceman - May get there at 6pm, definitely by 7pm.
  2. me_groovy. early shift, from 6.

Sorry Martin, we can’t make Tuesday.

However we will be posting up a drinking night out in the New Year (it will be a Saturday of Mr & Mrs Rosso’s choice)

I will be in Druid country tomorrow and back in time for the NY Day hangover Ace fry up.

Have a lovely time and try not to brawl with the punters this year :wink:

Can’t make it. Work work work :angry:

Was all set to be there but seeing how I can only speak in a whisper doesn’t seem any point now, gutted, have a good night.

For those who’ve shown an interest in hooking up this evening, I’ve PM’d you my mobile number (Please don’t copy it up on this forum). It is accessible from both of my websites too.

I’m leaving early for a wonder around The Big Smoke.

Enjoy and hope to see you tonight :smiley:

Sorry relatives have started arriving for xmas, so let the bottle opening begin :smiley:

seeing as it’s just you and me Aceman, what part of the place are we meeting in?

I’ll text you when I get down there, which should be about 6pm.

Well a mass of three turned up for drinks tonight at The Porterhouse, Covent Garden. This was “me_groovy”, “the OC” and myself “Aceman”.

“me_groovy” with his Vodka Martina & “Aceman” with his beer.


“me_groovy” about to explode with excitement, probably due to his Vodka Martini being shaken and not stirred.

“The OC”

“Aceman” and “The OC” in The Kowloon chinese restaurant in China Town. The white wine is his, I’ve got a mug of chinese tea.

“The OC” is actually in a good mood. Heck knows what his expression is like if in a bad mood :Whistling:

At last - food :smiley:

he always looks like that in photos.

Bikers drinking “Vodka Martina” ? wtf?

Well done chaps.:slight_smile:

Hope to see you all and a few others at the January Drinking Evening soon to be announced at a London pub. :slight_smile: