Whoopsie - Snetterton '22

First issue I’ve had on track for a very long time (apart from being slow)!

Was about to turn in when something didn’t feel right. Decided to stand it up and abort. Thankfully there’s some run-off grass there that wasn’t wet!


Whew, lucky escape! Was there anything wrong with the bike in the end?

Good save!

No issue before or after. The issue was with the nut between the seat and handlebars :slight_smile:


better than some on here…“me” :rofl: Most important you got to finish the day. I can never get over the low rev sound of a Ducati, being accustomed to high rev sound = faster, it’s just confusing.

I have Brands hatch GP booked in for the 27th so will see how that goes.

I was worried about the noise as well when considering the Ducati. I’ve only ever had high-revving four cylinder engines in my sports bikes, but honestly, it’s not a factor in how much you enjoy it, you’re still too focused on trying to put together a great lap. Also, they handle so well that you (me?) are happy to trade noise for handling. That is the main performance element of the bike after all!

My only gripe is that I have to run the stock exhaust for UK track days. It’s kinda ridiculous, especially after years of taking screaming bikes out on track. The Ducati would sound a LOT better with a race exhaust on it.

Nice abortion :grin:

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That’s 90% of the fun, the noise and feedback you get when riding. Prob why electric bikes would be a hard sell. There is an older Panigale I think where the clutch is open and it sounds like there is gravel in it. If you didn’t know better you would think the thing is about to fall apart that sounds lovely I only ever saw and heard one years back at a garage.

On a side note, do you or anyone know if Brands hatch is family friendly on a track day. I know they don’t allow kids in the paddock but are there facilities where your family can see the sessions? At Donnington I think only one of the grands stands are open.

Not sure if any of the grandstands will be open but you can normally walk all round the circuit on trackdays, even cross over the bridge to get inside at Druids and there is a good view from the outside to watch the action.
I think the Kentagon bar/restaurant is open as well but you might want to double check that.

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There seems to be no restrictions on kids. Despite what’s written. I’ve seen babies at tracks (yes, really). It seems people can do what they want, go where they want. Brands is no different. More the merrier it seems!

So you’re saying Ducati owners have had it wrong all these years and they’re not enjoying themselves? :upside_down_face:

I would kindly suggest this is a case where you need to experience it, before you cast an opinion on it :slight_smile:

Is it fair to say noise equalling enjoyment may apply more in road riding than flat out track riding?
On the track if you are fully focused on speed and correct lines you only want to listen to any noise that suggests a problem.
On the road where you cannot go flat out you have more time to consider how good your bike sounds to you and everyone else.
Hands up everyone who has never dropped it at least one gear when in a tunnel just for the sound. (My hand is not up)

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I think you’ll find most find loud pipes annoying

IME, if you’ve got time to think about how your bike sounds on track, you’re not going fast enough :slight_smile:

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Nope never said that, those are your words not mine :rofl:

and no I am not talking about focusing on the sound like a symphony. But everything plays a part in the haptic feedback and what you experience. So the sound…not noise bad choice of words on my part, also contributes. Even the quietest bike to the outside world as the rider you hear it prominently.

And yes you do focus on the sound of your bike, what else do you use to determine gear shift the sound, unless you are looking at your rev monitor and not the road. :crazy_face:

I think it is the wrong choice of words sound not noise.

Well done for having the patience to walk it all the way over to the tyre barrier before turning. It would have been so tempting to try and turn sooner.

Green laning experience coming in use. You learn when to push and when not to :slight_smile:

Also, needed a moment to collect my thoughts and slow the heart down!

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I’ll give you that :slight_smile:
My other indication it’s about to time to change up is when the bike is juddering after bouncing off the limiter. I had a habit of performing poor gear shifts coming out the last corner onto the straight. Bit embarrassing.

I have had that happen a couple times, get to excited forget to change and a WTF moment when you don’t expect the bounce when it hits the limiter. All part of the learning experience.

I am keen to see if I feel the changes Brain made on track. Touch wood I remain vertical this time :grimacing:

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