Whoops, I bought a Macbook Pro...

I’m a Microsoft professional by trade, but finally bit the bullet after a few months of drooling over the Apple website and have bought a Mac laptop. Foxy and I headed out to their Regent St store yesterday to pick it up (that’s an experience in itself, the shop is INSANE). I was impressed with their customer service and helpful attitudes. Far cry from buying a PC.

I went for a middle of the range Macbook Pro, something that was powerful but still portable. 15" Pro, 2.33ghz Core2Duo, 2gb ram, 120gb HD (forgot to ask for upgrade!! doh) and the glossy 1440x920 screen.

It’s so cool I’m wondering why I didn’t do this sooner! The design of the packaging, accessories, manual and laptop are incredible. The OS is fab, truely fab. It took about five minutes to get used to the difference between PC and Macs, i.e. installing software, managing windows and navigating the drive. The bundled software is VERY, very good. Everything is really user-friendly and there’s more innovative functionality than I thought there would be.

The up-shot of this purchase is that Foxy gets a Sony Vaio laptop running Vista for editorial work on the road, and I can use this when on-site for photograph/video work when we cover events. No slow down as we juggle use of the laptop.

Battery life is mega, I’m completely amazed. Four times longer than the Sony, which is less than a year old.

Here’s a couple of snaps:

Also, LB will become more mac-friendly from now on, as it was partly bought for testing the site.

You’ll love it Jay…I’ve been using Macs now for the last few years and have never had any probs with them…they just work !!

It didn’t earlier, it hung when Vista crashed the router (I’m not kidding!) as I was leeching files off the Vista maachine (great cross-os networking support on both sides). I had to force it to turn off as Finder had hung.

Still, it’s a great thing and I can see this being the start of a few more white-goods in the household

Good man. Welcome to the fruitier side of computing

Oh, if you find a way of setting up PHP for test serving let me know will ya? Been doing me nut today

May a mac be with you mate

You can install windows on this too Boot camp rulez

Welcome to the club Jay - trouble free computing lies ahead… just picked up my new baby too…

2.16 intel core 2 duo, 2gb RAM 160gb hd…

Nice aren’t they! I’m loving mine… especially now I’m dual booting BSD, tomorrow it’ll also be booting Win XP… Vista… hey I’m not crazy!

Couple of pics - love the backlight on the keyboard - some dodgy site on the screen though :wink:


Still liking it. Surprised at the amount of poor rendering of text on websites though. I don’t know if this is some sort of css problem, or the browser rendering engine, but text is sharper under Windows.

I completely forgot to get the HD upgrade though, I was too excited and went with the standard 120gb drive. I wanted 160 or better, but never mind.

yeah you can get sooooo excited in the store… I don’t buy anything in there as I just go mad and buy everything… apple site only for me I’m afraid…

Safari isn’t the best web browser out there - but it’s getting better - opera on the mac is amazing.


Hi Matt is Opera much better than Firefox? What’s a difference beetween those browsers? I wish to know your opinion…

Firefox is very cool - really nice render engine, but you have to remember that it’s still only at version 2.0… Opera on the other hand is at (for the mac) is at version 9.1 - it’s been in development for a hell of a lot longer and has a much wider feature set.

It’s also got a really nice render engine that eats css for breakfast and dines on complex flash for a light afternoon snack.

basically every cool feature you’ve seen in any browser pretty much comes from opera.


All right then, I will install Opera tomorrow…

I used an Apple laptop (wireless connection to the Net) at my in-laws this week-end…first time I’d ever used one…pretty slick, though the Safari browser was pants, IMHO.

Using it did light a fire under my wife though…she wants a new laptop…and wants to rebuild our home network wirelessly…sounds like a good idea to me.

Mac’s they just work

Nice laptop Jay, PM sent

Welcome to the family Jay. I’ve been using Macs since forever!

Once you’ve had Mac you never go back

At least that’s what our Africa Twin friend would have us believe

Been using a powerbook at home for a couple of years and work just gave me a mac book pro :slight_smile:

If you still want to use windows try bootcamp.

There is also a hack where you can use the “drop detection” to trigger things like switching desktops, called smacbook.

They’re a top piece of kit. I had a Powerbook and just upgraded it to a Macbook a couple of months ago, I can’t see myself using a PC again!

If I’d have known you were getting one Jay you could’ve used my NHS discount and saved a few quid when you bought it.

Smackbook is cool. Just trying to set it up now

I don’t miss windows one bit.

Once you get your head around the windows equivelent features ie control panel= System preferences, then it’s so easy to use and doesn’t crash as much as a pc. Having said that I heard the macbook pro is having it’s teething probs…

I haven’t upgraded from my 17" powerbook yet but I will, but i’m really looking forward to the iPhone…yum!