well,5 of us went out,and 4 came back on our bikes and one went to addenbrooks hospital in cambridge Embarassed and his bike went home on the back of a AA truck,160+ miles of the best roads essex and cambridgshire has to offer,told the bloke(who had never ridden with us b4),take it easy,dont try and keep up if u cant,if we’re going to turn off will wait,i mean 4 **** sake i been riding 4 best part of 20 yrs and i was slow 4 the first couple of hours cause it was the first time id been out witk the boys 4 10 months,got back into the swing of things by the afternoon,couple of painkillers i was fine so the pace picked up through out the day,gix 750 at the front,me,vfr800,or the vfr then me,then the accident waiting to happen,and a rsv/r mille
mille boy couldn’t keep up,but he was cool,went at his own pace,but the cbr 6 in front of him was trying to ride beyond his talent,tight,and i mean tight r/hander,after a tight left,dont think he even tried to tip it in,just grabed **** loads of front brake,hit some gravel on side of road,loses the front end,him and bike into armco barrier,bruised spine,lucky,lucky sod

ooops… glad you had a fun day, I hope the accident didn’t spoil it. There’s always one who rides beyond his limits! Best to suss out who’s who when riding with new folk. The guy sounds lucky not to be badly hurt. How’s his bike?

lucky aint the half of it,me and the 750 turned round,leaving the vfr where he was,thinking the worse,couple off bends up there he was,we thought he was dead,looked like the bike had hit the armco and bounced back in the road,2 car drivers on their phones,the rsv and a house owner were keeping him warm with blankets till the para’s got there,parts of the fairing were on the other side of the barrier,so he hit well hard,whole right side of bike destroyed,peg,foot brake,brake lever,bar end/weight ripped out,exhaust in two,wheel pointing one way,the bars the other,oil and fuel pouring out from cases and tank,the bike is dead,and how he aint i just don’t know,he’s back at home now just very sore,the old bill were blinding,5 of em in total,all in cars,but all bikers,even the two white caps that turned up were cool,after they’d done their work

Sorry to hear about the accident, shame it’s not a gsxr600 as I still have a mate’s bike in the garden going for spares as a results of diesel on the road. - He was in hospital for weeks, Metal frame round his legs for months - but that’s another story.

lol at the mille rider, my m8 has a mille - wonder if he could keep up.

Just a quick one,

My mate had a relatively bad crash on his Gsxr 600 think its a k3 model…

and would be very interested in any parts that he could get hold of.

what do you have on offer? and what prices are they going for…

please respond on the Private message service.

Many thanks


Thank god he’s ok , by the sounds of it he’s very lucky to be with us.

Glad to see there was another sensable Mille rider out thier.

i work with stu … he told me what happend lucky .the roads are good out there but they tend to go from sweepers to tight real fast … still at least he s ok

your right there mate,me and stu’s old man were spining up the rear tyre on a few hairpins,the little angel on one shoulder was saying,wait till ur knees of the ground,and u got a bit more tyre on the tarmac b4 u give it more gas,but the devil on the other one kept saying,nail it now,it will look the dogs from behind,guess who won?