Whogot caught in the rain with a t-shirt on?

Come on, who else got caught in the rain? Was anybody in shorts?

God, I hope not! I was caught out in my nice new leather jacket which I didn’t want to get wet, doh!

Not meeee… HA HA HA…

I dont ride in the rain! If I get cought I stop somewhere dry… cant get myself or my baby wet…

Flippin fair weather riders!!!

I got caught in the rain on friday…going up the M1 on my Vespa (50mph max) WITHOUT a jacket…


35 minutes of sitting on bike under a bridge later, the rain slowed to a downpour & with no other alternative, I continued on my way to Luton.


upon arrival in lovely Luton, the sun starts shining…dry roads within 15 minutes.

thanks very much english summer.

Fortunately, I was in the car when it started peeing down. Went to Mucky Duck for a pint on way home and it all stopped while there. As I drove down the A3 saw a few bikers, conditions were appaling, felt real sorry for them.

You rode to Luton on a Vespa Ben? You’re some sort of masochist aren’t you? Serves you right for not wearing a jacket!

What’s the point in having it if your not gonna use it. Though, I guess it makes the servicing a bit cheeper only riding it for 4 weeks a year

TRUE! my bike has just over 3k on the clock… 7 trackdays(2 at cadwell), one trip to coix… make accounts and see how much road ride It has done. Blody penguin island…

Part of the reason I got the supermoto was that I’m doing about 16,000 miles a year and that’s not cheap on a sports bike with a service every 3 months, 3 set’s of tyres a year … Plus the bike will be worth nothing in 18 months with 36000 miles on it. I don’t think I’ve seen an 02 blades advertiesed with that mileage on it.

Blimey, I don’t know if I could do those sort of miles on a thumper! I think bits of me would fall off, or off the bike. The perpetual tank-filling would also do my head in. I’ve been looking at enduro-tanks for my DRZ to get around this.

midlife, I believe there’s a number of out-of-town couriers who use blades, and have that sort of milage I know of one personally in London!

There’s no way I’ll be doing 16k on the sm, it’s just for commuting, and the blade will be out at weekends and special occasions. I recon I’ll be doing about 7 to 8 k on the sm and the rest on the blade. If it saves a pair of tyres and a service or 2 then it’s worth it.

I know I could rack up the mileage on the blade but I’d like it to be worth something in a years time.