Who'd have the bottle to do this?

Who’d have the bottle to do this? Apols if it’s a ginge…


That was quite amazing.

Thats wicked, i wouldn’t mind trying that.

Woah, that’s awesome( to use a well worn Americanism…)!!

I’d love to try that but as you said I’ve no idea if I would have the balls to do it, I love the point that he overtakes the bike…

thats amazing. I’d probably be stupid enough to try it lol

That`s totally brilliant.

That is amazing! im sure he has been watching to much of ’ Transformers ’ lol

Very nice… the song by Muse is very nice aswell - had to go and “get it”


Imagine being the biker overtaken by that!

Bloke’s a nut-nut

Couuld you imagine being one of those bikers he overtook! what would be going through your head!

that was wicked!!!


wow now that looks like fun! Saw a bunch of guys doing this in Tenerife last year - they were nuts - I concluded that my gut would scrape the ground and act as a very efficient brake, so should probably not try it… nothing about being scared of anything you understand :wink:


Im supprised this guy can lay down with the size of b@lls he has

Checked all that out yesterday, theres a fair few films on there of his antics. Would love a go myself, reckon I am mad enough. The dude actually sells the suits if you visit his web site.


If I done that I would probably look like the stone ball out of Indiana Jones…

Oh my God!!! That looks Deadly!!! Count me in for giving that a shot!!! Have ya’s seen the next one??? The chaps BONKERS!!!