Whoa, one lucky guy


I say again to the wrong crowd. Folk just dont realise what a weapon the car is.

risk, reward, risk, reward…

What would probably be more amazing - is the amount of times this has NEARLY happened, and you’ve known nothing about it!


I’ve had this happen to me in Nov 2007. Hit me at around 25mph. Blammo, I did a backflip off the bike (Honda VFR) taking the topbox off with my legs and landing on my back looking at a blue bumper. Hurts. Still have a knackered neck from the whiplash. Took a while to sort the claim out, but Rider Support were good.

I really should be Moderator of the Videos/Pics section! :stuck_out_tongue:


Show off…OK Pan, I shall run every vid by you first now :P:D:P