Who will win Premier League Manager of the Year Award?

As the season now draws to its close, who will win Manager of the Year?

It would be a shame if Alex Ferguson picked it up - as that would be SO ANNOYINGLY PREDICTABLE!!!

Brendan Rogers would be a nice contender, but of course my favourite is Paul Lambert:D Although everyone said we would be relegated at the end of the season, it looks like that isn’t happening (despite the disaster against Blackburn when we had beaten Spurs the week before). Lambert has done wonders with the team.

PS Blue Lagos Nick is barred from replying to this thread :D:D (only joking Nick, we all know Paul Jewell isn’t having the best time of it right now :wink: )

Brendan Rodgers…easily.

Who didn’t get sacked this year and manage to complete the whole season?

Mancini - For his handling of the Tevez situation.


However, if i wasn’t being bias i would have to say Alan Pardew.

I agree in some respects (if I wasn’t supporting Lambert) with Pardew. Newcastle have had a great season and that’s largely due to him. If it goes to Ferguson AGAIN I’ll be really annoyed - they might as well then call it ‘The Alex Ferguson Manager of the Season Award’ and just have done wth it :smiley: :smiley:

(ps I still think we should have an LB off topic section called ‘Football’, as most LBers aren’t that interested in football and it saves putting it in General;) )

I think Sir Alex, for doing a wicked Bez impression, unlike Arsen who looks like some weird reject from a Robert Palmer video


Probably Pardew for his achievements with Newcastle this season, Rodgers and Lambert are also good shouts. Will probably go to Fergie or Moyes mind you.

I’ll be also annoyed if it goes to Redknapp (seems to have the referee in his pocket half the time;) :D)

Great vid Hannibal lol

I wish they would open it right out to the public vote, as it might give Lambert, Pardew and Rodgers a good fighting chance - instead of just constantly handing Fergie the laurels. Over the past 5 years Ferguson has won it 4 times and Redknapp once :unsure:

Maybe we could have an LB Member of the Year Award as well (although related to biking activities not football :D)

Premier League? Pfft. Keeping in the spirit of the thread, I’d vote for Pardew. What he has done with Newcastle is exceptional and he is a Palace legend :smiley: As for the usual suspects I couldn’t give a ****.

If you think about it though Rob, Norwich were doing really badly under Bryan Gunn - although he was a top notch, excellent goalie in his day he wasn’t cut out to manage them. Lambert took them from losing 7-1 to Colchester and people ripping their season tickets up in disgust on the pitch to actually gain promotion to the Premier league and then stay pretty much at mid point for most of the season. Norwich’s whole team cost less than Torres’ left ear, so I reckon Lambert deserves a shot :D:D (And no this thread isn’t just a Canaries promotion slot lol;) )

Here’s an idea, who has been the biggest negative whinger?

Give it to them.

Whilst the media love 'arry the Spiv, Tottenham’s catastrophic form over the last few months where they have gone from title challengers to perhaps not even being in Europe, should see him not get it.

That might have to be poor old Terry Connor, but then the poor fellow had a reason to whinge :crying:

I think there should be a manager swapping month every season, just to see how well the managers and teams do under someone else. So say Terry Connor gets to manage Man U, Lambert gets Man City, Steve Kean gets Arsenal, Ferguson gets Wolves, Roberto gets Bolton etc. Then we’d see what the top squad are really made of:P

Yes you’re right - depsite a match fixing attempt against Norwich - when 'arry’s referee ignored the kind of blatant fouls that even a toddler could see - we still beat them 2 - 1 :smiley: They haven’t done that well, considering how much they all cost:D

Me… cos under the circumstances, with two demanding toddlers, a wife, 3 mortgages, and2 freelance jobs to juggle none of which have much of a future to them, save for what I can create on a day by day basis, pl;us a £15,000 stack of bills in the last 2 months alone for child care, insurance premium increases, and ruddy construction work to keep the ruddy roof above my head from cavin in AND I’M STILL BL00DY STANDING…

Manage that you over-paid, Armani wearing limp wristed tarts…with billion pound budgets being asked to tell IQ challenged fairies to run up and down and kick a ball that way… doesn’t strike me as very difficult at all.

MY TALENTS PI$$ on the lot of them… and truth be told I bet most people on here have got better management skills than those over pampered tarts…

Toby, Toby - I have an idea - maybe you could be a Premier League Manager yourself? :smiley: If Bryan Gunn, who was a Goalie, got a shot at it, then why not you? Then you could pay off your mortgages and buy a mansion in Streatham Hill:D

I tell you what, if you send me your CV I’ll spruce it up a bit. So the ‘played football on the playing field in between sneaking a crafty fag when Mr Jones the PE teacher was dealing with Carl’s grazed knee’ becomes ‘talented junior football league prodigy in tryouts for Man U’ . Then we put all your extensive management experience in and write a letter to the FA:)

You could even be the next Gary Linekar if taking Fergie’s job doesn’t suit :wink:

I like the idea up until you said “football”.
How’s about getting me that salary whilst "sitting around talking shite… "
I don’t think anyone on here would argue my qualifications there…

That is the basic qualification of all football managers.


Bryan Gunn, happy memories :smiley: