Who was it?

Was behind a guy in Leyton earlier on a kawasaki with LB stickers and hoody I think? Was a couple of you, don’t know if they were all off here, one of them doing wheelies then up onto the A12 towards leytonstone, think the kwak went to hackney or maybe a12 towards saint rat ford (stratford!). I was on a red hornet with my friends misses on the back haha. Nice to seeya :wink:

that sounds like it could be andyp, but i doubt it…cos dont see why he would be wheelie-ing up the A12 (but then, its not been unknown !! ha ha ) :slight_smile:

thats who i was thinkin of 2 lol

I was thinking AndyP to…Was the kwacker green with a Brad Pitt looka like, with greasy hair, riding it, and a cross between Aunt Sally and Preditor on the back :D:)

One of his mates must of been getting it vertical, coz Andy gets a bit dizzy going over a speed hump :slight_smile:

Love you Andy :smiley:

Haha. wasnt the kwak doing wheelies, just him with the stickers…so may well have been this andyp

Was on eastway heading towards hackney wick and the a12 :slight_smile:


When I saw the words a13 near leyton thought it was on about me earlier I was going down middle of traffic quite fast with a honda cbr red and black right behind me got a bit carried way wont do it again promise :hehe: