Who was it then?

Was on the A20 yesterday afternoon (3pm’ish) and came across a ‘London Biker’ at Five ways in Sidcup said he had just been on Holiday for 2 weeks (lucky bassa) and was enjoying an afternoon blast on the GSXR 750 Blue n White. new un’ i believe…

then went for a blast with my mate last night who has just repaired an 05 Gixxer 6 and he wanted to go go for a while so went over to Box Hill and saw a very lush new 06 Black GSXR 750 with an LB sticker on it

Sounds like Smiler and Fridayman!

Yip, that was me at Boxhill

yep twas me in sidcup mate…!!!

just got me bike back from being away from it for a fortnight…ohhh it was lush!!!

nice to yap to ya mate…sorry it was cut short…lolol

see ya around soon mate…


Nice bike chap!

Sorry dont recognise any of the LB lot just yet!

Hahahaha… the cat that got the cream sprang to mind!

Sorry i didnt ask who you were but as you say it was short lived as you whizzed off into the distance