Who wants to laugh at my wonky bike then?

I don’t crash often, but when I do, I do it a proper job. :frowning:

PS - Fairings are for homos

Shame to see the bike in that state Pete. What happened :slight_smile:

I made a mistake.

Very wet, charged down the 1km straight and braked at the same spot I had on the previous 5 laps - except I was a bit harsh on the lever rather than progressive. Front went in a split second just about as soon as I pulled (grabbed) the lever.

I slid for over 200M.

Afterwards I realised I’d not dialed in any wet settings, the bike was very stiff, I doubt that helped things but in the end the buck stops here.


If Brands GP is Blackpool, Parc Algar is Las Vegas. The track is awesome.

The only bit I didn’t like was the 1KM straight. :frowning:

damn DP thats been stuffed!! glad you alright tho?

200m slide? hows your ass:D

It’s still cute, thanks for asking though!

unlucky dp glad your ok tho

haha goooooooooood:D:D new leathers needed tho surely!?

dude did you go back out on it?

The leathers are through to the hard armour on the elbows and badly scuffed on the back and arse. The fact that it was wet saved them a bit. The water-proof top I was wearing was just a front and sleeves after!Yes, I rode on day 2 and 3. My friends did a very good job getting the bike sorted. I had spare levers and footrests, they used the jack from the hire car to make the sub frame less bent.

I rode pretty well on day 2. As a friend of mine said, if it’s not bad enough to have a naked twin passing Jap liter bikes on that circuit, it’s worse when you see it go by with it’s wonky pipes.

I wasn’t as swift on day 3, I got tired very quickly and lacked consistantly - I think my high speed break dancing caught up with me.

poor ktm:crying: but i found out many times that they crash well:D gws dp

true warrior! go on DP!! teh shame of being past be a wonky bent VEE:D yoou loony!!

man sounds like teh wet saved your ass in a way then! thats a fair old way to slide man, i cant cast that far fishing!:smiley:

so ya bruised up at all? glad to hear you was still out and on it tho man:) sounds too like you have some good friends too:)

is bike fuked? or you gonna fix it:hehe: take it main frame etc is ok

There wasn’t a mark on me. My back and neck were sore though.

That wasn’t helped by the straight the next day. It’s like a motorway, and the awesome last corner, which is a bit like clearways on acid is a top of 4th gear exit. I was having to sqeeze the bike with my thight to stop the wind spreading my legs and becoming a air-brake, while doing a sit up to make sure the wind didn’t get between the tank and my body. Holding onto the bars was also a good idea. There was always a swirling wing down there and my head was buffetted around like crazy.

The bike was just at the limiter by the end of it, 153MPH or so with 16/38 gearing.

The jap bikes were hitting 180MPH :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the bike will go to Jerez next month as it came back. I’ll worry about the bent sub frame and badly dented can later. Tank, side panel, swing arm are gravel rashed - I even wrecked the switch gear!

I have 2 spare tanks, I don’t think I’ll fit them though.

I may do the LB day before Jerez

hahaha sounds like awesome fun dude, the straight must be huuuuge:w00t::w00t: i have my eyes on the nurburgring…its only a thought at the mo tho!

gald to you were kicking some il4 ass:D no switchgear! god job its not a road bike? damn you have bashed it abit then…lol…main parts all ok.

forgot you said you was doign jerez, 6th may LB one??ooh that be fun, tho im in inters:D

Bloody hell mate! Glad you’re okay! Still, you’re a lucky git for being out there.

Hope you straighten the bike :-/

Yikes ! That bike is starting to resemble Sneaky’s Riot !

Pete,Just found the one decent shot I got of you from the end of the paddock :wink:



go go go superwonkyduke!!:smiley: