Who wants to go out today?

So I’m kicking my heels trying to decide where to go on my new bike, any ideas and whose game?? Something not a million miles away but maybe a tank or so of fuel to burn?

I would be but have to go see a flat at 3pm… and the weather is sooo nice :frowning:

I’ve got plans for today unfortunately (and its probably too late anyway) but for future reference I recommend posting at the outset roughly whereabouts you are. London’s a big place so keeping it vague is unlikely to illicit an immediate response.

If for example you posted that you were based in Sutton, you would probably find several members live locally who might be at a loose end and jump on their bikes for a little blat along the A25 and beyond :cool:

London’s big only if you’re on foot or on public transport! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish… slight problem with the mahoosive sea between here and the UK.

Cant wait to get back on my bike

Did you get out today Bikergirl?

Lookforward to seeing you tomorrow.:slight_smile: