Who wants a dog?

I am considering whether or not to have another litter of Weimeraner’s. They make very loyal loving pets. But dont know if its a good idea during a financial downturn period.

My last litter sold for £400 per puppy (usually £700, but mum is not kc reg, this is needed only if you plan to show)

Would be £350 to LB members, so I am trying to see what sort of interest levels there out, as you’re all a good cross-section of the public.
Would be ready mid March.




£350:w00t: not much meat on them & will cost £700 to feed the family over easter

AMENDMENT: Not intended as xmas food :w00t::w00t:

i only paid 50 quid for my dog and he seems to work ok :smiley:

do they still taste like chicken?

Do not sell this person a dog, or dog and cranberry sauce at the same time. :smiley:

how much for your pussy mel… the one in your avitar

Alas, that does not belong to me, and if it did… it would not be up for sale. do you know what a pain it is to wash the cranberry sauce out? hmmm? Poor pussy:P

my mate has one of them dogs. strang thing only sleep on its back and covers its face :hehe:


but if you removed all traces of “FuR” from the pussy then the sauce removal would not be an issue …

ive forgotten what i was going to say now sorry

I have been on this forum long enough to know better than to reply to that last comment, because i end up digging myself a very very very deep hole indeed. :smiley:

Is it sad that at the age of 25, I look forward to when I’ve got a family and can actually properly look after a dog? :frowning: ! I love those dogs.

pfft snigger

anyway remembered now …would any “yeahs” be binding etc would you require deposit etc …?

No, i am trying to get an idea of whether it would be viable due to people’s financial circumstances.

Ella, the mum is in season now, it takes 9 weeks to cook a puppy, then 2 weeks later you can choose your puppy when the eyes are open, at that point i take deposits. :wink:

We had 8 last time, and they were sold by the time they reached 4 weeks old… New parents got weekly emails, pics and updates until they could take home the puppy. Puppies were all crate trained, good with kids, dogs, hoovers etc. All the owners still have the pups, and are more than happy. The new owners vets were also happy with the condition of the pups when they took them for their first check ups.

9 weeks omg talk about slow bake and as said there is not much meat on them !!!

OMG you do train them well they can hoover as well …:stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds yummy.

i want 2!!!

but my cat is 16ish and ill be changing back to shift pattern again so it wont be fair on the pups:crying:

you very hungry:D

So, what you’re saying is that in 11 weeks you’ll be posting pictures of your puppies on here ? :w00t:

Meanwhile, rescue shelters are struggling with the hundreds of abandoned dogs, and it’ll only get worse after Xmas, when those no longer wanted presents will be thrown out.