Who up for the ace to night

Are you going to make it.

Possibly contemplating on showing ones face… I’ll see later

I’ll be there if the dry weather stays the course of the day

yup…i’m allowed out:D


If get get this vfr sorted in time

I would come down, but not sure how I will be able to tell who people are…

I will be leaving home in about half an hour, you will not be able to miss me big guy in a london bikers hoodie with name on back.

Were normally by the front door mate! be bold, ask one of us! were a lovely bunch!

(im working so not there :cool:)

I don’t think I will make it now, due to the bike running a bit weird and very underpowered and I wanna get it looked at :frowning: Do you guys go every friday? I might be able to make next friday

I think there is a gathering every Friday yes, but it would be good to check the rideout section or general chat.

It does seem to have more people turn up some weeks than others, more of a “ive not been for a few weeks, lets get down there”

Ok cool, cheers mate

if nobody’s stunting then its just boring

Good Night despite the Dead bike in my shed once I went out all geared up!!! had a rather enjoyble evening Ace, leicester sq and all that!!

Cheers to Bigvern I believe for the escort out of London, I reckon Id of gone wrong somewhere otherwise:)

Good to catch up again. Bit chilly on the home though, time to dig out the thermals me thinks.:wink:

I didn’t think it to bad I cut across to white city, once you get past Northolt the temp drops a bit, but I did go for the thermal liner in the jacket maybe thats why I didnt think it was too bad!!