Who turned the lights out?

It went all dark…

wasnt me… :doze:

On a plus note MY BIKE IS READY WOO HOO:w00t:

so you stole cables from the server to fix your bikes electrics??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank goodness we are back on line, I have to work all day

Man I have had nothing to do all day than submit the Industrial Tribunal forms, take the bike for a service, make an appointment for the next steroid injection, do the laundry, wash the dishes, clean the bathroom, clean the kitchen, hoover the flat and read my book.

What a productive day, thanks LB! :angry:


LB is on :w00t: there goes the project deadline out the window again :smiley:


It wasn’t us this time - honestly:)

sorry guys it was me…!!!:hehe:

I tripped over the lead while getting the teas in…oops…sorry peeps…


i was severly bored all day today. at least i got some work done though

I thought no one put the 50p in the meter today.

Isn’t it a pound now days? :w00t::D:P

i thought ya just by passed it:D

I find that very hard to believe…


Getting the teas in???


That’s all well and good, but…




Twice in one day…??? :smiley:

Sorry guys and girls, we had a bit of difficulty with some the LB servers, but they’ve been sorted out now and it shouldn’t happen again.

Some of the replies here made me laugh though, thank you :slight_smile: