Who says kids have nothing to do in half term.

Kid played chicken with a truck and er… lost.



Lucky boy… Needs a slap talking to

So does the lorry driver for speeding… :Whistling:

he would have been a good candidate for the Darwin Awards

Don’t belive he was speeding. I think 45 in a national

Ahh only in the Shire. That’s a pretty big scoop for the Shropshire Star, they usually only get to report about sheep loose on the road, roof tiles blown off the roofs of OAP’s bungalows and heretical plans to erect pylons across the fields. Nice photo of a shiny truck that had no involvement in the incident.

“police took no action.” They should have given the youth a clip round the ear.

I thought it was interesting that the youth attempted to outrun the truck and failed.

I’m all for the culling of idiots.

Speed limit for a lorry >7.5t on a single carriageway is 40mph (rising to 50 shortly) - video was showing 87kmh which is 54mph… :blush:


I stand correct. :blush:

Hahaha… yeah that probably would have made all the difference for the two youngsters who were playing a game where the object is to pass as closely in front of a moving object as possible.

i wont bother with making a comment regarding jaywalker as it’s pretty obvious from everyone’s posts what should be done to him.

as for a biker running over a ship whoever you are and if you see this pls make note: i am glad that you’re bruised and f*cked up your bike. call me an unstable hippie but i’ve been ( with my mate ) through several roads like this and we have nothing but cute pictures of the sheep just chilling on the grass and we were really happy to be in close proximity with all countryside animals as in the city you don’t get those opportunities often.

Is it just me or was the guy going far too fast for the circumstances? You can see sheep on both sides of the road yet he’s almost going full speed hoping that nothing will happen to him.

Kid was damn lucky, showing his face print on the front of that truck should persuade others not to do the same.

As for the sheep video, I was expecting TDJ, but he was riding a little to quick for the run and circumstances.

A complete knobber, expecting the sheep to remain frozen on the spot. I hope the crofter got his claim in.

Do you think he could have missed the 3rd sheep if he pulled the bike up in time?

I’ve got nothing against ships or sheep but one belongs on the sea and the other in a field.

The farmer should be nicked. :slight_smile:

He was going far too fast on a sheep-infested road. We will say nothing of horses and exhaust pops at this point:blush: