Who said lightning doesn't strike twice....

As some of you are no doubt already a where I was made redundant again. That’s twice in twelve months. No pay out either, as I have been there less than twelve months.

That comes on top of having (thankfully a benign) a lump removed from my ankle. And with the possibility of now having back surgery as well, but I’ll know more when I see the specialist on Saturday.

I was told on late on Friday, and didn’t have time to fully extract all my contacts from my mobile which the company was paying for, so if you have my old mobile number PM me and i’ll send you the new one.

The really annoying thing because of the back I haven’t been on either of my bikes now for six weeks, and it is likely to be months before I can get on the saddle again. So the Yam TDM900 that I got two months ago will have to go. So if anyone wants or knows someone who want a mint 2007 White TDM900A then tell me know.

And finally if someone has a four leave clover, can I borrow it for a couple of weeks.:slight_smile:

I heard about this on facebook kev, really sorry… but at like you said the lump was benign, so it could have all been worse!

Hope you find another job before you have to sell the bike x

Awww mate, your having some real crap luck lately!! :frowning: Hope things start looking up for you soon.

sorry to hear that mate:angry:

what a run of crap luck, it has to turn around soon hun :kiss:

I bloody hope so, cause at this rate lightning will start striking! :w00t:

I can’t believe your luck this year mate. Real sorry to hear about this latest bad news and i hope you get something sorted soon.

oh kev this sucks lets just hope you get fit again soon then a job will follow soon

I’m also out of work (first time, since June), but you are surely unlucky to have this happen twice in a year. Concentrate on your own health first and don’t get too despondent.:slight_smile:

damn mate!! hope this bad luck of yours runs out soon!!!

they really let you go cause you punched your manager didnt they? :Whistling:

aww mate really feel for ya, sorry to hear the TDM has to go too.

Damn, bad luck fella. What do you do?

Sorry to hear this Kevin. Probably doesn’t help right now but I’ve been made redundant twice in the past and on both occasions its lead on to something better.

Hope you find something soon, things do seem to be picking up.

I too am sorry to hear this, I hope you get a new job and your back sorted soon, and you don’t have to sell any of your bikes.What caused the back problem?

Sorry to hear all that Kev!

I really hope things pick up for you soon.

See you at Borough though :cool:


Bad luck dude. Wish you better luck from this minute on!

P.S. You can make your own luck too.


So sorry to hear this, good luck for everything

Sorry to hear this m8.

Stick in there. :smiley: