Who put me in the sh*t team?

Who put me with this useless b*gger for newbies?!

Mod’s - he copies all my homework and steals my lunch! And don’t tell me it’ll be good for him to be around someone who isn’t a trouble maker! :wink:

Look missy, stop messing around on here and get over to where you should be, we got work to do:w00t::smiley:

Just feed him Pie and Chips and i’m sure he will plau nice :wink:

I’ve gotta admit… Robs eating motor skills have seemed to of developed traction control as he only accumulated a white film in the corners of his mouth while eating a yummy yummy burger at the tea hut last night

. I was braced to become a hard target For the usual pelting as he spoke while he ate… So I think that deserves some recognition …!!!


Aww…I think he’s cute!! Just poke him in the belly and he’ll giggle for you!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

He’s a growing lad, let loose your feminine side and mother him… or kick him in the plumbs next time he steals your chips?


Oi. No buggering the newbies. Bad for morale.

I think he fits in great there, like a big Teddy bear for all new arrivals :slight_smile:

Now that you mention it.

if you stand next to him, some of his subcutanious fat will appear in you as well, by osmosis.