Who Lives South / Kent /Brands area???

So about 6 months ago I moved down here to Chislehurst. Nice area but lost all my northern bike routes and plans/friends etc. While I have done the BCR route a few times from here id love someone to show me the delights and good roads in this area esp as the weather gets warmer.

So whats worth doing? Where is worth going?? 

I’d be up for showing you some roads round Surrey/Sussex next weekend?

I know a few in Kent but need to explore the area more.

yer count me in. I’m only 10 mins from chislehurst. Looking for people closer to me to go on ride outs with… Not explored much to be honest though.

Rye, camber sands, loomies, bury hill, loads of routes down there.

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We are in Chislehurst. There aren’t any decent roads nearby :smiley:

Rye in really nice that’s well worth finding a route too.

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i’ll put something up when the weather gets better.

My area ! Don’t forget me😎

For a fast bendy run, its hard to beat the A21 down to the coast and back 6am on a summer sunday morning.
You and the road.

A21 is a beautiful road, haven’t seen it in a while

Sorry guys I stuck this up and never looked again. I’m still keen for this. Let me me know if we can stick a ride together. Although I’m not in Eltham.

I’ll show you a few and @NAPA121 is only down the road too and has some good routes.

Yep more than happy to take you on a 150 mile South East round tour one day… I am based in Sidcup.


I live in Chislehurst and as a new biker (6months) I don’t know any routes or anyone local for group rides, so if there’s enough interest and people are willing to let a newbie tag along then I’d be dead keen to join up.


I’m still around the area as well happy to get involved…

We should plan something now summer is here ish!

Hi Mate,
I usually meet a mate at the Hollyville Cafe near Brands most Sundays at 10am and head out for a ride. Last week we went out to Ashford > Rye > Hastings > Pevensey and back through Tunbridge Wells with a few stops along the way. Some nice roads around those parts and we did about 200 miles. We take it easy so if you are looking for a faster ride may not be for you but if you are planning on turning up just message me and we arrange something.

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I see a plan forming!!

Hello All…
I’m new to the area aswell, I’ve moved to Sidcup and just got myself back on 2 wheels after a couple years off. I’ve got a cheeky superduke 990 so I’ll be up for a ride out and any trackdays if people are up for it!

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Welcome to LB, Alex :slight_smile: