Who lives in the Reading area?

Wow, ive not been here for a while and its changed so much.

Hi to all those who know me and to all those that are yet to know me.

Im canvasing my mass of communities I have been/am involved with for some potential options.

I am hopefully joining the Police but if I take the contract I have to be stationed in Aldermaston near Reading. My shifts will be 4 on 4 off. At this current time I have no plans to sell my house, which is near Leicester, so I am looking to lodge somewhere for 4 days at a time.

If anyone has a spare room they fancy letting out on a 4 on 4 off basis please give me a shout. It wont be until around July time after I have finished training. Doesn’t need to be anything fancy, ex forces, Im used to sleeping anywhere, just need a bed and somewhere to store a few things. If you have a safe place for my bike then even better and I’ll bring one of them down too. Oh and if you have a dog even better, and if you want any help with training/caring for them I can do that too, I was a dog handler/trainer and that’s the way I aim to go with the Police too.

On the note of training, I’ll be near FF so all BCR goers I will be back to play :wink:


Hey Asbo welcome back.

So you’re joining the police eh? I note not traffic.

Oh the irony…

If you are going to be based at Aldermaston, I assume you are joining the MoD (Ministry of Defence) Police and will be based at AWE?

Reason I make that assumption is that Thames Valley do not have an Aldermaston office and the nearest town is Tadley about 2 miles away and which is Hants Police.

I have a friend who lives in Burclere which is a 5 minute walk from the front gates of AWE. He is also a biker, (he used to publish his own motorcycle magazine) and has a big garage for his V Max 1400 and collection of Kawasaki 2 strokes.

I will try and get hold of him and sound him out.

That’s annoying as my spare room is available, plus dog and garage. But I’m in Ealing.

Ah where abouts? I’m Harborough based now.

Welcome back Asbo!

That would be one hell of a commute. Not sure I could do that.

@ Jay the way Asbo rides it wont take him very long to get there :grinning: , I even remember him riding down a field one day because the traffic was bad, funny as foook.

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Don’t know what your on about? haha

Hi all, sorry not online much at all these days so forgot to check on here.

Yes MOD, I should be onto dogs quickly with my experience and being armed is a bonus too. I do actually have the option to join the fire service in my local area if I want as they have also offered me a contract but although it means living away 4 days a week the Police pays better, better promotion and dogs are my passion as those that know me will be aware.

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Any help will be great. I have found a lady on SpareRoom who will give me a place to stay for £300 a month and she has a garage which is a bonus

As it stands Im not joining the Police now, Ive taken a contract with the fire service and deferred the police to see if a station near me becomes available