Who is up for a run what you brung event at northweald drag strip?

Drag event, £10 to watch and £10 to enter for as many runs as you like on the strip.

Northweald is in Romford, If I have interest I will check up coming events and we call all book.

Bets You all a tenna I take anyone on the strip

Hrm, I’m quite interested by that… If I can get my clutch-jerking issue resolved. Always wondered how quick the K5 could scoot the quarter.

Sounds very good to me the Fer could do with a good thrashing hehehe

I have been to Northweald a lot over the years to watch Run what ya brung and all the classic events etc its a very good venue with a great atmosphere.

I have always wanted to do a run as I love a bit of the old traffic light GP.

If its dry I will be there.

Well, I won’t enter so as to give all you guys/girls a chance!!

Heh, that’s fightin’ talk SP! Maybe we can have a group ride up there.

Might have to let the old beast have a go at that, would like to know what the Qtr mile time would be with my fat Arse on it. lol

I have watched quite a few of these events and its surprising how many people fluff the start. Not sure if this is nerves of people watching or whether they havent got the technique down. I am not quick round corners but I can launch me bike ok

Ile poss give it a go against people with similer engines as me, as if i for some strange and far fetched reason beat someone on a GSXR 600 etc… or bigger bike they would be the laughing stock for the day.

May have to be Santa Pod!

It appears that Northweald is under threat from closure! Checked the clendar for 06 and there wasn’t one, only one for 2005!

Doing a google search now to find out more ans to see if there are any up coming events!


can i brung my R/C truck??? its quater scale it has a few mods, and it would knock you flying if it hit you at top wack



HAHA, famous last words.

You will be very suprised how many Busa and ZX12R riders I have seen at Northweald get smoked by Johnny nobody on His 90s 600!

Fluff the start and the QM just isn’t long enough to claw back your disadvantage even with 170bhp from a 12R!

My bike is capable of a high 10 but I would be very happy to get under 12.

I think if you go there and expect to be quick, you’re asking for egg on your face Just bombing down the straight would be fun/privledge enough!

Savoury is the man to ask about this, in the meantime heres a link http://www.northwealdmotorsport.co.uk/drwebroot/dragracing.html It is a great day out and you do get a load of runs in. That said I did one run last year, went sideways up the strip like a complete fool, then noticed I had a nail in my back tyre

And North Weald is just outside Harlow, not Romford.

Hi all,

Its my girlfriends Grandad, Tony @ Maitland Racing, that organises these event at North Weald each year. So any questions just shout.

You’re right North Welad does do ‘run what ya brung’ events, but sadly this year no dates have been finalised. Reason being is the owners of the airfield are a bunch of tossers basically. Their events manager has done nothing but mess Tony around, hiking prices up and setting a load of conditions that are simply both unfounded and unreasonable. You wouldn’t believe the amount of money they are asking for this place, especially when you see how basic the amenities are!!

For the same cost he could hire Santa Pod, have a better set up, not have to supply his own timing equipment, not employ so many staff, not supply toilets need I go on??

Negotiations are still happening, and dates may still become avaliable - 1 or 2 are being ‘talked’ about. But its left a bit of a soar taste, and his heart is in the Classic Bikes Festival and makes a fortune out of the Jumble Sales most weekends instead now.

The airfield is in, guess what, North Weald and not Romford (right direction). Its near Harlow Essex, just off the M11.

If any dates do get announced I’ll post up. I’ll know straight away as its my misses that put the website up for him, and she maintains that aswell.

Real shame, we had some good days there the last 4yrs. Managed to take the Gixxer on a few runs last year aswell, and fancied beating my times this year