Who is the suspension guru?

I am considering getting the suspension adjusted on my 600RR. Who is the suspension guru? I could do it myself but I’d foul it up.

B aka Brian 07831258094

His name on here is B but he’s called Brian

I actually went to see him last weekend and he was nothing short of excellent. Did wonders for the handling on my Ninja…


Ballpark figure of charges?

You can also do this at the OMC. Matt set up the suspension on my Ducati Multistrada recently and the difference is enormous.

I would obviously say Mike MD Racing but I am biased and cant compare as B hasnt ever done my suspension.
It was done by someone else before but Mike explained that no amount of adjustment would ever get my front forks working the way they should, went down 2 ratings I think, and now my bike can go right around a roundabout without running wide! I wont be nervous about taking the 4th exit on the next Jetstream rideout! lol
Matt did want to have a go but with one arm in a sling and me to assist on the road outside his house, there wasnt much he could do! :wink:

I won’t say what B charges as it would be out of place, but I can tell you that it is VERY reasonable and there’s a 10% LB discount…

+1 for Matt. Seen him work wonder on a gixxer recently…
Although I have heard good stuff about B too

B is an ex-racer, he takes the bikes for numerous test rides with tweaks in between until he thinks the setup is right. Then you take a test ride and make your mind up, get him to make more tweaks if necessary… Very thorough

That sounds good. Where is he based? Does he have a Website?


Based out of LJ Motorcycles in Twickenham…

No website but call the number Shiver has listed or PM him…

By the way, when someone above mentioned that Brian is an ex-racer, this is true, he rode BSB for Honda and really, really knows his stuff.

Definitely recommend Brian, I already took like 5 of my mates down to him and everyone turned out fully satisfied n bikes’ handling transformed, but he is currently on holiday I heard, should be back in a couple weeks time.

and yes, he is a former bsb racer for honda team, seen the pictures lol


Pm’d him myself, my attempts to set up my suspension have had limited success…:Whistling:

He’s not on here often, call him, the number is posted on this thread by shiver

DanielGT posted a link above for brian who got loads of recommendations when I was looking for suspension help last year. For South of London I was recommended HM racing, /www.hmracing.co.uk/. Can’t vouch for them personally though.