who is loving elephant and castle

loving the take off ramp on the elephant castle these days  … guess it wont last for ever but generally its made a nice little mini TT course  … well done TFL  … please dont ruin it  … yours H.O’ligan

lol - I was thinking that the other day. 

Just waiting for the day to get a clear run through to see what it’s like :slight_smile:

lol I cacked myself just in general on that thing first time I went round/over/through it what ever it is now!

Yes, you can pick some nice speed up leaving the lights from borough. On the approach, little right, sweeping left and just as you shift you weight to the right and tip it in, a little jump…someone say Cadwell Park :slight_smile:

I think ‘laguna seca corkscrew’ everytime I ride it … get and enjoy it while you can … wont be long as it changes everyday round there as they nibble round the edges

Its like the magic roundabout now , just waiting for Florence and Dougal to rock up !

Monday 29th will be my first time using it since November I cant wait

I actually don’t think it’s too bad now that most of the temporary barriers have gone, if they could just paint the white line down the middle of the road instead of having it randomly wander from kerb to kerb then it would be much improved