who is going bm or oakdean?

as above which one are you going?

BM for me.:wink:

Bm for me:D

if the weather is ok, BM for me…

I’m BMing it.

BM for me too

I’ll be sat by the pool again this week but will be at BM next wednesday:P

You rich ba*tard! :wink:

I’ll be at the BM doing my evasive parking to avoid Rob. :stuck_out_tongue:

im going to oakdean:D

All the cool kids are going to the BM so do both! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oakdene, and yes… i will make it this time, as long as its not peeing it down :smiley:

BM and then maybe the Ace on my way home

BM :slight_smile:

BM and if ur all nice to me i might bring cookies :smiley:

Save me one for next week hun;)

Oh no i wont be there i shall be in the deep mountains of poland hopefully doing a bit of offroading :smiley: But i shall make u some wen i get back and u can pick what ones u want :smiley: Cos im nice like that :slight_smile:

Seeya at BM then! :slight_smile:

See you guys at BM later. I work around the corner and looks like someone’s arrived early! :slight_smile:

Your supposed to be on holiday PJ!!!

Should be at Aces, to meet a mate. May go to BM also.