Who is a lucky boy?

…I am a lucky boy!

Was running a bit late this morning, so had been making…um…swift progress on my commute to work.

On The Highway heading towards the Limehouse Link, come round the bend before the Total garage and my eyes are drawn to a bright yellow jacket, stood outside the petrol station.

“That doesn’t look good” thinks I and I start getting on the anchors.

Sure enough, the wearer of said yellow jacket proceeds to step out into the road in front of me. I pull straight over and switch the engine off.

The VERY nice officer had a quiet word in my ear, about how with my can he had heard me coming from miles away and to slow down. I was clocked at over 40. He didn’t even bollock me. Told me to have a “…better day…” and then let me go on my way.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My clean licence remains intact!

You are indeed a very, very lucky boy.

Got any lottery number recommendations for tonight?



the highway is a popular place for traffic police a the moment , due to the high number of bike/cage accidents on there .

and the very common, offsiding the keep left bollards that goes on there.

and if i ever catch the bloke on the blue blackbird with a red lid, who nodded at me as he did it in front of me last week , he’s gonna be late for work !!! :w00t:

One of my colleagues had only mentioned to me the other day that the Old Bill were checking speed along the Highway quite frequently.I’d only ever seen them there for the off-siding thing, first time I’ve ever seen an officer where this guy was.Needless to say I rode the rest of the way at a very steady 30. Lesson learned!

yer sometimes, a word is enough, I was pulled over speeding once I will not tell you how fast I was going but lets just say I probably could have lost my licence.

Anyways I get out the car very humble accept the fact they we’re bang to rights. Really nice coppers as well I may add did all the checks gave me some words of advice and let me go.

have never actually done it since as I remember how I was thinking as I was pulling over there goes my licence.

So I guess the boys in blue will probably agree that some times just the tug is enough defo worked for me.

Nice of the officer to show discretion, cameras never do that. At least the word in the ear gives you something to think about and it did slow you for the rest of the journey. Cameras just make you angry and you still speed elsewhere…

I got caught for 78mph in a 30 in Mitcham (it was late at night and I know it’s too fast, but I’d got in bit of a race with another bike). The lady traffic copper (on a bike) was REALLY pissed off with me to start with and I was looking at a ban. Luckily after some conversation and me being very sorry, I asked her if she would consider a fixed penalty instead. She wasn’t going to, so I said “OK it’s my fault I’ll take the consequences” whereupon she changed he mind and gave me a fixed penalty. Needless to say I was delighted!

I’ve never seen the other guy who was stopped with me, as she was on her own she told him to **** off whilst she dealt with me. Lucky guy.