Who has the Sexiest road legal bike on here?

(you asked for this )


Sorry all you (many) Gixxers and Cbers and R1ers and Bladers out there but you capacity to do 178 on the M1 just doesn’t cut the mustard when the ladies see my Scram!!!

(Problem is not many decent girls sit on the motorway armco barriers all day to see you do your stuff )

…and all the brrm brrrming, doughnuts and speed braking you do is as nothing compared to the sexy grrrrowl my Trumph puts out at the traffic lights.

Admit fellahs - you’re beaten

puts on helmet and prepares for flak

Here we go !! Urgh !!! what a ugly yucky bike !!! No MINE is the sexiest bike with (one) of the sexiest riding it !!!

its got to a my misses 748s titanium,if not a supermotard,or my next bike ktm superduke titanium

How could anyone argue with that???

The scrambler is funky retro. Very nice and cool to cruise round the city on. But go on admit it, you’re always pretending to be the Cooler King’ about to jump the barbed wire into Switzerland under your lid

I haf ze great troublle that whenever I go out for a ride I get persued by about twenty blokes in grey uniforms and tin hats on.

Anyone know where I can hide two tons of tunnel spoil???

you’re all wrong:

No…were NOT !!!

Showed that to one of the girls in the office - she asked where the grass collecting bin goes?

Blimey …this should turn her on then…

All together now…

“Oh - I gotta brand new Triumph Scrambler and o’ill give you the key”

Triang, I think your bike is very cool

Tri ang its a cool bike but when flash gordon wants it back what ya gonna ride, cue queen sound track.

To be fair that’s obviously my NINE

go on Blade tell me it’s not

Think i may have seen you near St Pauls this week or last unless your bike is more common than it looks

I hang about the Swiss embasy in Leicester Square a lot … just looking for my chance

Showed her this one too, and she asked if yours is the learner version then?

Just kidding mate, I think your bike is very cool.

Love It…but then i also like the Bonnie…damn these short legs or else i’d say “Gissa Go Mate”

ERR …ERM…Mmmmmmmm…Humph maybe not then !!!

Of course you CAN argue mate…it is a nice looking bikey…just not MY choice of nice looking bikey ??

Steve McQueen (I)Height: 5’ 9" (1.75 M)

  • He wasn’t tall at all ( and I’m 5’7" )

  • Go on! You know you want to!!!