Who has an MT09 - and what Exhaust do you have?

Just put a deposit down on an MT09.

Right now my number one concern is finding an exhaust that sounds nice.

Got my eyes on the SC Project CRT pipe but some people have said it is too loud.

Three things I’m after:

  • Loud enough to sound nice but not deafen me.

  • Looks good. Preferably black or carbon.

  • Flames and pops and bangs!

Any experience/Suggestions?


I’m cutting up a stock exhaust to get the noise and flames. go akropovic if you want the best though or arrow if you want to pay less

I had MT-09 when it first came out and wanted Akra but when I met with other MT-09 owners and got to listen to it I thought it almost wasn’t any different from the stock one. To me it definitely wasn’t worth the £1000. There was one from US that I wanted (I think Two Brothers) but it wasn’t street legal. The choice must be much bigger now that the bike’s been out for a couple years.

The akropovic will cover most of what you want, though it’s a tad loud with the baffle out, but it defo spits flames and pops :grinning:

I have the Leo Vince on my MT-07 and its the best MT-07 exhaust I’ve heard in person. Deep and loud.

They make the same pipe for the -09. It’s the underbody one.

When/if I get one i’d put this on it http://www.motorcycle-exhausts.co.uk/IXIL_Hyperlow_XL_Black_Dual_Exit_Full_System_Yamaha_MT09_2013_onwards–product–16900.html

I have just fitted IXIL Z7 on my MT07 last week. It was a first day today riding in with the baffles out and I tell you it was an eventful day. It’s mad how loud it is! I had set off four bikes alarms all unintentionally.



Oh and it pops a lot!!

Very nice, but hang on, bike in the living room, you what?!

Hehe, it was too cold and dark to change the exhaust outside last Tuesday. 
If that makes me a fair weather mechanic then so be it!

I don’t have an MT-09 but I just wanted to say well done on the bike in the living room!