Who Has A T20 Security Torx Driver Near SW8?

I’m getting pist off with this 33bhp restriction.
There’s a T20 security torx bolt stopping my throttle from fully opening. It basically stops my ER6’s RPM from passing 5.5k.

Is there anyone local who has such a tool I could stop by and use for just 20 seconds?
I have ordered one from ebay and it hasn’t arrived yet.

Would be highly greatful!

Possibly, I have a torx set at home.

Not sure if it goes up t0 20mm, but if it does you’re welcome to borrow it from Tooting Bec. I’ll have a look tonight if you still need it then.

Thanks mark.
It will have to specifically be a ‘security’ torx, which has a hole in the end.

They are a bit more specialized than the ones you pick up in the £1 shop.

T-20 security here in WC2 until 17.15.

I could take it home for SE26/SE20 area tonight if you need it.

I’m bikeless at the moment, so cant meet outside of these areas.


What everyone needs is one of these - exceedingly good value, even if all you want is an ordinary ratchet screwdriver -


It includes the T20H bit you want.

I’ve finally got my full 71bhp.

Definitely a worthy investment Giuliano. You never know when you need one.