Who failed the Brands Hatch Noise Test?

Thanks Elad!:angry:

I’m sure I saw 108db on the meter. But there was a black Ducati in a garage that was much, much louder than The Riot (my XR600) After a tussle in the garage with the marshal with the noise meter, he twisted the throttle to half way whilst I it twisted it the other closed, I was told by the other guy “you got no chance mate!”:blush:

Thanks Darren for the loan of the baffle. I gave it a extra tap with the rubber mallet to be sure that the baffle would not come out on the track and it fell inside the zorst can!:blush: A big hand full of revs sent it back up the pipe where we could gab it and get a pair of pliers on it and pull it so it was wedged from the inside and would only fall back inside the pipe if it worked loose…havens knows how I’ll get it back out. Drilling the rivets out seems the only option to disassemble the can? :crazy:

The Perp: