who else is sick??

And what do you think is the best cure for colds??

me -

achy joints
Blocked nose
sore throat
back is sore
temper is short
eyes are sensitive to light

who else is sick???

i was advised to take a shot of whisky in some warm milk.

another suggestion - dilute some garlic and honey in hot water - and drink before it gets too cold

Abbey try honey, lemon, whiskey and hot water. take 2 parasetamol with it


Best thing is supposed to be Warm milk and cognac…
How ever, Honey (or brown sugar) Wiskey and hot water is more to my taste.
It’s called a Grogue… (in France it is anyways :slight_smile:

I’m sick… but that’s another story…

Honey and Lemon - aspirin (assuming you are not allergic - I’m not qualified to diagnose / prescribe drugs) and warm lemonade too!

Plenty of hugs & cuddles

yeah that part’s been taken care of…

women and the common cold jus get up and deal with it woman like us men i get man flu quite a bit i just get on with dont let it grind you down, man up grrrrrrr

Whiskey, lots of and a shed load of vitamin C (I take Berocca soluble tablets each time I feel a bit under the weather)


From a friend:Stopping a cold is very unhealthy even if its done with echinacea or some other natural ingredient. You don’t want to stop the bodies own cleansing process which is what a cold is, you want to assist it to help eliminate the build up of mucus etc. There are other products containing strong ingredients like Beta-1,3-D-Gluacan and Arabinogalactann that will stop your cold however if you prevent the body from eliminating the toxins you can end up with heavier diseases later on. All of the herbs in our formula help liquify the mucus build up so it can run out of the body faster so the length of the cold is decreased leaving you fresh and energetic from a cleaner body. The main cause of colds comes from having a weak digestive system which creates excess mucus from undigested foods. Our Cold Remedy will strengthen the digestion while its eliminating the mucus and cleansing the lymth glands and if you are prone to colds taking this product in small amounts regularily will prevent a cold from forming by keeping your digestion strong.Pippali (long pepper) like its relative black pepper is a powerful stimulant for the digestive and respiratory systems. Pippali is strongly heating, removes colds, congestion and toxins and revives weak organ functions. Pippali is a strong rejuvenative mainly for the lungs. Pippali is used along with other herbs in most formulas to increase their absorption and effectiveness.

Pippali rasayana is in the form of a “food jam” consisting of herbs and spices in a base of honey, rice syrup and ghee.

Instructions: Eat directly from the jar or dissolve 1 level teaspoon per 50 lbs. of body weight in a cup of hot tap water and take on empty stomach. Repeat every three hours or inbetween meals during sickness. Follow a Kapha reducing diet avoiding dairy and solid foods during sickness. If you have high fever use No.6 instead.

See, told you whiskey was the best option

“The main cause of colds comes from having a weak digestive system”

Is it, first I have ever heard about it? I would have thought that would be the cause of the squits?

Anyway, the advice about letting it comeout is a good one as it builds your body’s immune system, but you can alleviate the symptoms. Whiskey, warm milk works. Honey and lemon water… main thing is to keep the body hydrated.

Feel better soon.

Sheesh, check out all us doctors!

Jusht get pished, everyone always feels better then!

well kim ive got to say it STOP SMOKING, smokin kills vitamin c in the body, and vitamin c is the bodys defence systems food

problem is everyone keeps saying whisky

and i dont like whisky…

i think i would rather chew on the garlic!

actually i have been very good lately - only smoking one or two cigs a day!!

Have brandy, effect will ultimately be the same.

Oi, behave!!!

…But still smoking…


dont pick on Kim

or do i have to start carrying