Who does the most bike milage here???

Just asked because I met a Dutch biker in Amsterdam who does 18000km a year ( say 11000 miles ) on his Diversion - strewth if I do 4000 a year I think I’m doing well.

Just curious…

I use my bike to commute from Gatwick to London each day - that’s just over 300 miles a week so I guess over a year that’s going to add up pretty quickly


I’m not quite a year in yet - about another month and I’m already on 15k miles - I guess the really high guys here are the couriers!

B4 I was controlling I was on approx 40k a year, but that was 10-12 hours a day 5-6 days a week.

Thats good money!

currently sitting at 16000 miles in an eight month period…

… not a courier !


I’ve done 10,600 miles since March if that helps?

well when i was on my varadero i clocked up 38000 miles in just over 2 years, now adays cos i only use the bike for rideouts and meets, i barely do over 5000 miles per year.

I’ve done 44,000 miles in 3.5 years on my CB1300, 20,000 of those in the past year 12 months… I rarely commute by bike either…

You guys and gals put me to shame…

Ah but who has the last laugh… 20,000 miles = for me at least 5 rear tyres and 3 fronts £800ish, 5 x 4k services @£120ish , 1 chain & sprox @ £120ish, 35mpg ave = £2500ish on petrol,

=£4020 + tax & insurance eek

Of course bikes are cheap to run lol

Rictus (Sutcir) i beleave had 150,000m on his SV650, but it did have several engines as he blew them up. So that around 50k a year. Might have changed in recent times though.

it was a lot more before my speedo cable snapped.


Hehe, yeah, I got a good K in before I got my speedo fixed.

I do about 1400 per month, commute and leisure.

I’m just about the same, about 14-1500 a month since I started commuting as well this summer.

I commute 400 miles a week + fun riding so guess about 25,000 a year. Commute now on an ER5, so cheap, but soooo boring

The SV done 17K last year and the car well over 5K. But in that was trips to the Ring, up north for football and some 400mile Sunday rides

egypt220 here
having logging in probs
when i was on the road as a courier i was doing between 40,000 and 60,000 a year and thats not with the bridge,lamans nurburgring 6-10 times a year,as i had 1 bike for work and another for playing.
thats was the only reason i worked so hard was to go play hard