Who do you order from online?

I hate ordering stuff online unless a good bike dealer has his website up and running…

So rather than using the big catalogue companies, who is a local bike dealer and has a website that can send parts to me?

I buy a lot of parts off www.wemoto.com

Very quick delivery and deal with problems very well. Recommended.

I’ve uses M&P a lot in the past and they have never let me down.

I’ve recently started using Bitzforbikes - they are useful for most stuff including obscure stuff like battery straps etc.



Yeh M&P for me or www.bikebitz.co.uk never had any problems with them

I’ve used bitzforbikes too - there products arent amazing, but as said, good for randoms and totally reliable.


used many times, very reliable and cheap tires.


M&P have been good to me :slight_smile:

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Looks like he’s asking for local/independent suppliers…

LOL…well it is Friday afternoon!

I’ve used M&P and intobikes.co.uk without problem… :smiley:

Hahaha true! :smiley:

Yes, but how many local independant bike shops have an online shop?

Anyway, Wemoto is World’s End Motorcycles. Trading since 1978 according to their website. They may even be local to him… :wink:

depends what Im after…usually fleabay, but if need in hurry go to my local shops :slight_smile:

bittforbikes yep:D

as well as jawsmotorcycles:D

I use these all the time! Excellent Service, very fast delivery!!:slight_smile:

The main ones I use and rate highly are:

www.wemoto.com for pattern parts
www.intobikes.co.uk for general stuff
www.bandcexpress.co.uk for chains and sprockets
www.mandp.co.uk for good deals on tyres and pretty much anything you’ll need for a bike

www.biketorqueracing.co.uk for Brebro and Grimeca parts every time. Really good company to deal with.

mandp are decent and good on returns. (You might say they need to be as they often get things wrong.)

wemoto. Not the cheapest but if they say it’s in stock you get it the next day. (Subject to Royal Mail getting the arz in gear.)

David Silver Spares for honda stuff.

we-moto and surprisingly demon-tweeks are good aswell