Who do i speak to about advertising on here ? ? ?

Nothing fancy just this :wink:



Send a pm to andrew&7

i hope you relise you have ripped off SJD Bike transports business card design… who are quite a well established bike courier already…

Hhahaha well spotted!

Its a Vista print template so they can take it up with them if they have exclusive rights to it.

only spotted as have used them myself quite a few time good guys

And just giving ya the heads up as your just starting up in the same trade and have basically identical business card to a more established company

To late to change it now as i have 5000 business cards etc lol

not too late if they decide to sue you, which they can.

also, you might want to sort out your kerning.

Jesus, we really welcome potential sponsors with open arms on here.

Both SJD and Steve have both paid Vistaprint to use the same logo/design on a non exclusive basis. If I wanted to I could order the same business cards or website design from Vistaprint today. I don’t think anyone is getting sued here…

Can they really do that if it’s a standard template on a business card website?

Just to be clear you cannot Sue for someone using the same design as you if you bought it from a template site.

One thing i would say though is why bother with a template when you can get a custom logo designed for about £60.00

Its the same with Websites etc.

Good luck with your new venture.

seeing as he’s offering the same service as them and using their design, regardless of the source of the design, they could try and prove he was deliberately copying them to take away customers.

IP litigation is not cheap, just trying to issue a warning.

The fact is i had no idea another company used that design on their cards/ stationary. One thing has become clear on London Bikers someone always has to bitch about something.
All i am trying to do is get ahead and offer a service.

Talk about lynch mob you guys need to knock it off there was no intention to copy mimic or otherwise copy another similar service.
Unfortunately Vista print do not tell you who has used said template and for what.

I appreciate your comment Simon and Rixxy nice to see some are less callous than others.

And as for taking work from them i am in Essex they are on Hayling island aren’t they?

So as with registering a company name the limitation is 10 miles distance between 2 companies with the same name.

Google Rapidbikerecovery and you will see there is a bike recovery company in Ireland with the same name did i copy them to take their work as well ? ? ? NO

Assumption is the mother of all fuckups .

Just to make it clear i did not know about SJD before the business cards where ordered only found out about the when i made this post.

Maybe a real lawyer can shed some light on this is there one in the house or do we hold a Kangeroo court at Blackheath Tea hut ? ? ?

not saying you did anything wrong intentionally, I’m just saying that it’s possible and could leave you with having to change everything later down the line. My source being I work for a firm of patent and trade mark lawyers and see stuff like this come up regularly.

the little guys, the sole traders etc, don’t tend to do very well when cases like this come up.

If you’re not bothered or don’t think it’s likely then that’s cool.

Couple of things:

  1. Welcome
  2. Hope your business goes well
  3. Don’t expect any sympathy in here, we’ve got the exclkusive market for pedantry, and argumentative grumpy old bikers.
  4. Take the feedback on board and be grateful someone is trying help you out, with no consultancy charge
    and 5)
    And this is probably the most important bit:

Ignorance is no defence. If you started the company without researching the market, that’s your look out.
So, as I said, welcome, toughen up, don’t cry, take the advice, and hope your business goes well.


Guys, This is stepping into fantasy land. Vistaprint offer around 15 business card designs with motorbike themes. It is pretty obvious that there is going to be some duplication involved (when vistaprint sell 2 to 15 sets of these cards). I’m guessing that choosing a motorbike theme probably means you are in the motorbike business so it is pretty darn obvious that there is a very (very) high probability that there will be someone in the same or similar business with the same logo. If SJD wanted to avoid that, they should have had a design done for themselves, but they didn’t and that was their business decision. Steve made the same choice.

**** JUST TO BE CLEAR - Neither one could have used the logo as a registered trade mark so there is no IP infringement ***

As for trying to make a case around a “passing off” argument, that is fantasy also given the different trading name, stock logo and so on.

If you want to sooth your concerns Steve you can contact SJD with a polite howdy and tell him what has happened. He can’t have an issue with it and will most likely enjoy the chuckle. You never know, there may be a way you both could scratch each others backs on bike moves.

A sensible answer :slight_smile:

I have just emailed tham and also note that the website they have up is one from Vista print so it would appear we both used the same template. That is all our web sites are totally different as is everything else. I am not getting upset about this in any way just felt that there are ways to approach any situation .

I feel the the way this was done was harsh thats all. I want to build my own business succeed or fail i will do it on my own not feed off others success.

Thanks for the input it has been dully noted.
Many thanks Steve


I wish you well in your new venture.it takes balls to go out into the big world and start something new.In my humble opinion there will be plenty of work for both companies as there is a 100 mile + between locations.

good luck dean