Who did I sell my Urban Tiger to?

I’m trying to find the guy who bought my old Urban Tiger fireblade off me around 2006/7.

All I remember is that he later told me that he wrote it off on a track day at Croft. I think I actually cried at that point!
Looking up my old Reg, seems it’s tax ran out in 2008 and it was still carrying the Reg that my Dad had bought me for my birthday and at the time I didn’t retain it as I was enjoying riding around on my brand new K7 750.

I’d love it back for sentimental reasons only. I’ve got many actual number plates from a few different bikes I owned showing it but it just doesn’t seem enough. I’d like to ‘own’ that silly Reg again for some reason.

It’s not on the DVLA registrations available to buy so if anyone knows who this could be, please can you let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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