Who dat?

who was on the orange kawasaki on torrington place/tottenham court road about 5pm?forgot to do me lb signal and everything

didnt realise that was an exclusive LB ‘wave’, i’ve given and recieved a few in my time, more as a joke than anything else :smiley:

we have a signal?

Might have been Gof… was he wearing a hi-viz jacket :wink:

Cool signal!:w00t:

I cant wait to try that:)

Lol I’ll remember to do this next time I see another LB-er :stuck_out_tongue: Still don’t know who I saw at the bmf show in peterborough, they haven’t owned up! :stuck_out_tongue: Was wearing a LB t-shirt XD

Hi-Vi only comes out when I I ride with you nutters! :stuck_out_tongue: