Who can see the problem with this?

no number plate:D

Tax out of date?

how did he get it up at that angle in the 1st place?:w00t:

I know I know !! … He wont be able to drain the oil out completley like that?

think he has got 1.2m left on the back o/s/r tyre…bit low:w00t:

Very unpleasant colour?

Too much oxygen…that weld will hold lordy! all!


Thats my local mechanic, ill have to have a word with him as he`s supposed to have a hi-vis on.:smiley:

safety concious, has two props…where one would do:)

He’s chocked the back wheel as well - obviously a belt & braces man when it comes to safety ! :hehe:

come on guys you can not see his tax disc clearly


he forgot to turn his hazard lights on?:smiley:

only put one brick though…could do with another to stop it rolling forward…