Who can recommened a good 'after test' course?

Hi guys,

got my DAS next week (wish me luck ) and I am strongly thinking about going on another course aimed more at helping me to handle the bike better etc seeing as I have an R1 already. Are there any courses anyone can recommend? I have been told to start going to track days as they will help however I was thinking of going on another course to help me before I start any track days.




Good luck with the DAS, I have mine in 2 weeks! I’d also be interested to know about any extra courses.

How about days out with the Bike safe group?

Also there is lots of mileage in getting a mate with experience thats been riding a while and go out with him so you feel safe and can go at your own pace without being hassled by anyone. It helps a lot. One of the best ways to get experience is by doing lots and lots and lots and even more miles. Baby steps at first and lots of practice and the skills will come. No matter what stage your at you always keep learning and you learn more with every ride that you do. There are quite a few riders on here that have recently passed and can give you lots of advice.

Hope that helps mate.

Im doing a 'Bike Safe" day at the Ace on thursday. Not exactly what you had in mind but ill let you know how it goes if ya want.(Assuming i dont get nicked for speeding)(or crash(yeah, cheers for that DA))

edit: Ive done 2400 miles in my first 4 months (so much for my nice low mileage Fazer)

Good Luck Sunny

…i know nothing about courses i took my test in '89 when you just had to stay upright and go up and down the road with the tester standing on the corner watching you…those were the days…cheap too!!

my misses did the califarnia race school,as its not about speed.

she said it really help her with corner ring and understanding her bike more

A day doing leve1 with the CSS, will teach you about cornering and understanding corner entry and exit speed. Highly recommend it

Hi Overboost. An R1 for a first bike… be carefull with the teleport switch!

I would seriously recommend becoming an IAM member.

Lookup where you nearest club is here : http://www.iam.org.uk/iamgroups/groupdirectory/

You can become an associate member for £80. This includes the fees for your test and other stuff.

They will have a monthly meet (Depends on where you go).

As an associate you can go on observed rides where you should get some good constructive feedback. When your ready you can do the test and hopefully get you IAM certificate. I opted for some one on one training that I organised through my yamaha dealer. Just so happened I got the area IAM tester for the day.

The benefits of IAM are cheaper insurance and the knowledge to be a safe rider, considering the fact the caged ones are out to get us all this is invaluable. It’s also the cheapest form of training I have found so far. well worth investigating.

an R1 as a first bike?

that is blatently irresponsible and stupid.

all i hope is that theres no post on here for your funeral

Thanks for the help guys.

Called CSS and checked out the other sites aswell.

stevewright - chill out…your invited to my funeral dude.

I would recommend a beginners trackday if you have an R1 but dont push it ( it is tempting) and try and get on one with sensible ppl from this site like i did

Agree on the Bikesafe or the IAM courses.

I’d leave a trackday till a few miles under the belt as I’m sure that the combination of OOH LOOK NO TRAFFIC + MUST CATCH THAT GUY ON THE CBR + R1 POWER + NO SKILLS = GARDENING. Thats not a flame btw its just the way it is, even more so on evening sessions when people are tired…

Definitely get some feedback and advice from IAM or bike cops on the bike safe and once more confident certainly head for the track. Brands Indy is a good one to learn on near London (although wearing on the right hand side of your tyre )

Maybe your right if he(think your a he overboost)can afford an R1 then he can afford to do the Cally bike courses prior to doing a trackday.

I think it’s better to practise high speed corners on racetracks rather then A roads tho.

Whatever happens i just pray you dont get the urge to catch that slower bike that just overtook you overboost.

Just out of interest why/what made you buy an R1 as your first bike before you have passed your test?


Gotta agree with this.

Personally although I rate them highly, I think a CSS course would be a complete waste of money at this point in your biking life, look at getting on one next summer, once you’ve developed a basic competence & familiarity.

Hold up let’s be realistic…Oboost has just bought an R1 right.

If you had an R1 i promise you within a few weeks most riders will get the urge to pull the throttle a bit harder then maybe they can cope with.All i am saying is that the best place to try out these “urges” is under a supervised trackday rather then down past the shops where you think there’s a nice bit of twisty…

Thanks for all of the help. I have spoken to the CSS and they have been very helpful. I will probably do a few of these course however before anything aim to get a couple of ‘mild getting used to’ hundred miles under my belt first.

Regarding why I brought an R1?

  1. I can.

  2. I wanted to.

  3. I can afford it.

  4. I can afford the insurance.

  5. I was fully aware of the bikes abilities and risks etc which as oddly as it sounds made me buy it even more.

  6. I found a really nice clean one at a good price.

Anyway…back to topic, again thanks very much for everyones help!!!

Thanks - Sunny.