Who can I complain to

Livid does not cover how I am right now.

PTA yes them again!!! went to put in the gasket they had taken out to find they had also removed the two gaskets that join the downpipes to the mainefold!!

I needed the bike for 4am tomorrow morning that is now out the frightfully window!

I’m done who can I complain to about this, I want to go as high as I possibly can as I cannot believe that they would be so stupid as to remove the gaskets surely they must know they are needed! They used some sort of rubber glue to seal the blow!!!

Get photos off all the defects, and take it to Trading Standards and see if they will take it up.

If they are authorised and/or franchised dealer then complain to the manufacturer about the quality of their work.

A quick search on the net has shown that PTA appears to be owned by Petrocell Holdings Ltd, registered address of 274-278 Wickham Road, Shirley CR0 8BJ, and the Director is John Timothy Dowling.

Petrocell doesn’t appear to have a website in its own right and I’ve been unable to find Mr Dowling’s contact details online. Documents held at Companies House should provide that info (company return etc), but you may need to pay for that.